Thursday, July 19, 2012

5 Ergonomic Desk Chair Features Worth Remembering

Today we will identify and define several key ergonomic features found commonly in desk chairs. If your desk chair doesn't have these features.... well you might just need to upgrade!

Ergonomic Feature 1: Tension Adjustment

Increase or decrease chair tension to allow your body to rock comfortably without heavy pushing. This feature helps to reduce muscle fatigue.

Ergonomic Feature 2: Chair Tilt Lock

This features allows users the ability to lock their seat to accommodate individual position preferences. There are two types of chair tilt lock. These are single and infinite. Infinite allows you to lock the chair at any angle you choose.

Ergonomic Feature 3: Seat Height

These features has become a standard on most office chairs As simple as it sounds, it really is an important ergonomic attribute to add to your office chair. Adjusting the seat height of a chair to meet your needs will take pressure off your thighs, which will subsequently ease blood flow.

Ergonomic Feature 4: Arm Height Adjustment

Another common feature that should not be over looked on computer chairs and task chairs. I personally would not purchase a computer chair that did not offer arm height adjustment. This valuable feature allows operators to reduce the muscular effort in the neck and shoulders, therefore minimizing the risk of pain.

Ergonomic Feature 5: Contoured Seat Cushions

Contoured cushions support the body effectively. They allow users to sit for longer periods comfortably. Thus increasing your productivity.
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