Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The 7 Simple Steps To New Office Furniture

With any new purchase necessary steps must be taken to ensure quality, professionalism, and value. When it comes to office furniture there is no difference. In today's post we will discuss the 7 vital steps necessary to acquire office furniture with ease. By following these steps you will ensure a pleasant shopping and installation experience with minimal headaches!

Step 1: Space Planning

As with most projects the first step is typically space planning. This step is the most important and deserves your full attention! To properly plan for the addition of new office furniture you space must first be measured properly to ensure a perfect fit. While this step sounds relatively simple, don't forget to mark where your power outlets are! It never hurts to make a simple elementary drawing of your furniture layout ideas for reference. Be sure to leave ample leg room, space for storage cabinets, and other accessories you may consider adding later. It's important to remember that space is at a premium. When space planning take note of any wall curves, lighting fixtures, or protruding objects that may hinder your layout. Once you've measured once, go back and check your dimensions one more just to be safe. Trust us... there is nothing worse than ordering your dream furniture only to find out that it just doesn't fit properly. Most of these issues are totally avoidable by simply measuring and planning properly!

Step 2: Shopping

Everyone's favorite step in the process seems to be shopping, and for good reason! Shopping is fun! When shopping for a new office desk or workstation the best place to start is online. The best terms to use while searching are typically the most specific ones. For example, if I have a modern home that is upscale I would search "modern executive office furniture". If I was outfitting an office on a budget I would search "discount business office furniture". Being specific can save you time and money.

Once you have identified a type and style of furniture to meet your needs (and fit your space), contact the dealer. If you are unsure of your purchase they may be able to provide color swatches, an opinion on the product, or even schedule a time for you to visit a showroom. By calling the dealer you also have the ability to inquire about shipping times, additional discounts, and so forth. For that reason our number one tip in this post is to always call before purchasing!

Step 3: Purchasing

Once you have shopped around online and compared you prices it will be time to make a purchase. As we've said previously it never hurts to call and ask for an additional discount. If none are available do a quick search for coupons and determine the absolute best value. Remember, customer service does count! Lastly, make your purchase and notate to your dealer that you would like an invoice, tracking number, and any order details as soon as possible. Being prepared can really help you for step 4.

Step 4: Shipping

Once your furniture is purchase the dealer will send your order to the manufacturer. In order to save you money and provide free shipping most furniture dealers do not stock products. They in turn ship directly from the manufacturers closest shipping point to you. This cuts down on lead times and your costs! Make sure before your item ships to give you dealer all of the necessary information to get your items to you without hassle. Factors like what floor you are on, if you accept curbside delivery, if you require inside delivery, if you require a lift gate or assistance to remove your products from the truck, can all affect the time and cost of delivery. Being upfront and efficient from the start can really save both you and your dealer time. Commonly you will need to set up a specific arrival date to ensure you can meet the truck to receive your furniture. Make sure you request this as soon as possible along with a 24 hour call before. Other than that, your shipping should be a breeze!

Step 5: Prepping

Once you receive your tracking number and shipping information from the dealer you will have a few days to prepare and prep your space. Make sure to clear a path to your new office. Office furniture typically ships in large rectangular boxes that can be cumbersome if a clear path is not available. Having a plan is truly essential. If your products are larger. It might be best to stage your boxes in the living room or warehouse of your office or residence. Tape a bit of cardboard over all corners to ensure safety and no wall boo boos. Another great tip is to pic up some furniture sliders from your local hardware store. These can really save you some back pain if you purchased larger office furniture.

Step 6: Receiving

By the time you are done prepping you space you should be receiving your 24 hour call before delivery. Typically the freight company will provide a 3 to 4 hour window of arrival. If you have requested and paid for inside delivery be sure to instruct the driver which door you want the furniture delivered through. If you are accepting curbside delivery ensure that you have the necessary man power to remove your items safely and securely. Receiving will go smoothly if you prepare and communicate with the driver. Be sure to inspect your packages thoroughly for any damage. If you for some reason notice damage, don't feel bad refusing the shipment. In fact, it's the professional and correct thing to do. Typically this is the exception and not the rule. More common than not the receiving of furniture goes extremely well.

Step 7: Installation

Believe it or not most office furniture is quite simple to install. Since most orders consist of a few chairs or executive desk packages it is recommended that you try to build out the furniture yourself. Typically 2 people can handle jobs of this size in a day. Tacking this task with a friend can save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. For larger jobs however, installation is unavoidable. Typically your dealer will have a trusted network of furniture installers and can even arrange for your products to be delivered and installed on the same day if handled before hand. Installation will be an additional charge and should be budgeted for. Once your furniture is installed the debris from the boxes and packing materials will be removed and discarded properly. Now it's time to enjoy your new furniture!

Last but not least take a seat. Kick back, relax, and enjoy your new purchase. You've done it. By following these 7 simple steps and preparing yourself properly, you have successfully purchased and outfitted your office or home with new furniture.
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