Monday, August 6, 2012

The Benefits Of Quality Reception Furniture and First Impressions

First impressions count, especially in business. When clients walk in to your business what do they see? Is your lounge, waiting room, or reception area classy, unique, and stylish? Or, is it outdated, cluttered, and worn. If it's been awhile since you've assessed these questions, you might consider taking a moment to identify the benefits of quality reception furniture by reading this blog post.

As previously stated, first impressions really count. When visitors enter your place of business it's extremely important that they feel welcome, and in a classy establishment worthy of their valuable time. Making this impression is based mostly on the visual appearance your space offers. If you determine your space is indeed in need of a face lift the best place to start is online.

First decide on a budget. Typically professional reception furniture sets can be found online and they are a great way to save money. In most cases black leather or basic fabric options will be the most affordable and are never a bad choice. Keeping your fabric or leather choice simple ensures a much easier match to your current decor.

Once you've decided on an office furniture budget, ask yourself what message you want to send your visitors. The best way to answer this is by determining if your business would be best suited with modern or traditionally styled furniture. Are you going for an uptown look with metal/industrial styling, or a more quaint and rustic feel that offers an at home vibe? No matter your decision it always helps to get a few opinions. Asking your employees how they see your business can really provide some great insight.

Finally we've arrived at the fun part. Shopping! At first the choices can become overwhelming. Trying to mix and match pieces is can be extremely difficult. Take a moment to call a respected furniture dealer. It can really be a life saver! They will be able to provide suggestions and ideas on manufacturers and popular collections to avoid the mix and match method.

Some popular reception furniture sets include:

Mayline Santa Cruz Lounge Furniture Set

Global Prairie Series Lounge Furniture Set

Bretford White Leather Lounge Furniture Set

White Leather Lounge Furniture Set

While these are just a few popular lounge furniture suggestions, hundreds more are available. With so many styles to choose from it is important to measure your space, Ensure a comfortable sit, and provide the visual impression your looking for.

In most cases a reception, lounge, lobby, or waiting room space can typically be redone for under $2000.00. This is based on a 3 piece furniture set (sofa, love seat, lounge chair) with matching tables. For spaces much larger, beam seating configurations and larger reception furniture layouts are also available. Some great suggestions include lines like the following.

Global Ballara Lounge Furniture Layout J

Another piece of furniture you may consider updating is your reception desk. On average new reception desks start at about $500.00. Popular reception desk manufacturers include Mayline, OFM, Cherryman, and Offices To Go. We've added three of our Best Selling Reception Desks with links below!

Brighton Reception Desk Package

Cherryman Verde Series Reception Desk VL-644L

OFM 55292 Marque Reception Desk
Hopefully with the suggestions and tips provided we've done a sufficient job of highlighting the benefits of updating your lounge and reception area furniture. The first thing visitors see upon entering your business is your decor. Impress them with style, functionality, and efficiency, and it will help to make them customers for life.
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