Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The 5 Best Furniture Lines for Home and Business Use

What's you favorite? Do you have a preference? What's your recommendation? These are questions any quality office furniture provider faces on a daily basis. Without doing a careful review of each line, it's hard to choose. Going on looks alone is never accurate and to provide customers with the absolute best information you have to do some testing! In today's post we've highlighted 5 of our favorite office furniture collections, that we've actually used and tested ourselves. For those in the market for new home and business furniture, this post IS our recommendation!

Corsica Furniture

First and foremost, the Mayline Corsica collection. This line of professional casegoods offers quality and versatility at an affordable price. As for looks, it definitely passes the eye test. Over the past several months we've installed quite a bit of Mayline Corsica series office furniture and to be honest, it goes together quite easily. Most all products from this line can be assembled with two individuals. Additionally, we love Corsica furniture for the AA American hardwood construction. This stuff is just built tuff! It's so nice to have a high end office furniture collection that looks beautiful in the workplace and performs just as well. Corsica gets an A+!

Next up, Zira furniture by Global Total Office. This line of
Zira Furniture
contemporary laminate casegoods combines modern style with functionality. About two weeks ago we had the chance to visit a Global showroom in Florida. The Zira line was displayed widely and for good reason, it's incredible. The selection of laminate finishes available on Global Total Office Zira Furniture is definitely a plus. This kind of variety makes it easy to design a workspace to meet the needs of any office. Zira is a line that designers will love as it's completely modular. If your looking for affordable laminate furniture that's reconfigurable to meet the needs of any space, Zira is the choice for you.

Cherryman Verde Furniture

Third on our list, Cherryman Industries Verde Furniture! When it comes to quality, Cherryman is a name that always comes to mind. Over the last year we have probably sold more Verde casegoods than any other furniture line. We always recommend this product and in fact, several of our staff members use Verde products in their own homes! What's so great about this line you ask? Well to keep it short and sweet... price, ship time, and quality. All Verde casegoods furniture is typically in stock and ships within a few business days. Buyers will enjoy a choice of two attractive finishes and when it comes to style... this line speaks for itself!

Fourth, we had to highlight the new Mayline e5 collection. If you haven't seen this
Mayline e5 Furniture
furniture series yet, you're  truly depriving yourself. Even though we did a recent post on this collection, we felt the need to include it as it's definitely a favorite. In Mayline's words, e5 furniture is easy to install, easy to spec, and easy to assemble. You will be hard pressed to find a more genuine statement. This new line of discount Mayline furniture is all that and more. Basically, anybody that sees this line and likes modern furniture falls in love at first sight. e5 is an award winning collection that is truly revolutionizing the furniture world through the use of high end executive furniture and open desking solutions.

Global Princeton Furniture

Last but not least, the Global Total Office Princeton Furniture collection. Princeton is ideal for professional business applications, but would work excellent in upscale loft style homes. This line of modular office furniture is available in a variety of finishes and really impresses. Princeton is completely customizable and designed to work around your individual needs. In a nut shell, Princeton furniture is a modern alternative to office cubicles and panel furniture configurations. This line provides an open and attractive look that's hard to beat. Princeton install quite easily and allows users to easily build multi user workstations that really save on the usable square footage of most homes and businesses.
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