Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Professional Conference Tables with Modern Style

Modern conference furniture is in! That being said, it's incredibly important for those interested in this unique style of furniture to know where to find the best deals and coolest products. Several modern conference tables are available from industry leading brands that fit this description perfectly.

When it comes to modern conference tables, the first name that comes to mind should be Verde! This luxury line of Cherryman Industries furniture has truly taken the industry by storm. Verde conference table solutions are available in 8', 10', and 12' models to meet the needs of any space. These beautiful tables feature white glass leg accents and boat shaped surfaces that enhance the modern look. Verde tables are available in Latte and Espresso finishes that really pop.

Another fantastic modern conference table manufacturer is Mayline. For years Mayline has produced a variety of upscale contemporary furniture for home and business applications. The most popular new conference table models on the market are in fact manufactured by Mayline! The TransAction series offers a choice of surface shapes and feature heavy gauge steel legs for an industrial type look. TransAction table models are available in both standard and technology intensive versions to meet the needs of tech savvy businesses around the world. Being modern is much more than looks alone, these awesome tables offer the technology to back up the flashy look.

A relative new comer to the modern conference table game is OFM, Inc. This quality office furniture brand provides a host of home and business furnishings that are consistently a big hit throughout the industry. Over the last couple years, OFM has created a line of glass conference table options that won't break the budget. These awesome boardroom solutions are in a league of there own. The GT3977 and GT4794 models feature 5/8" thick tempered glass and stainless steel legs for a lightweight and durable design. These tables are a real winners and deserve a ton of accolades.

Last but not least, Global Total Office conference tables. When looking through this well renowned manufacturers assortment of products it's hard to find something without a modern style. With conference tables especially, Global has combined simplicity, affordability, and modern flair. Lines like Alba and Easton boast incredible style and durability. Tables from global are available in a virtually unlimited selection of shapes and finishes. Consumers are also rewarded with the ability to choose from a variety of leg styles to meet their individual taste. Along with their basic models, Global offers a variety of modular conference table solutions that are also a huge hit. Lines like Bungee and ConnecTABLES lead the way in this revolution into itself.
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