Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Popular Space Saving Reception Desk Styles for Your Business

Small Reception Furniture

Reception, lounge, and waiting room areas are typically the first areas seen by visitors when they walk in the door of nearly all businesses. First impressions are incredibly important and having a well designed space is essential. When space is at a premium and it's hard to find quality reception furniture to meet the needs of your work environment, knowing these 3 key reception desk styles will help you to maximize you furnishing capabilities.

Style 1: Rectangular

Rectangular Reception Desk

The first and most common style of reception desk is the rectangular. In regards to space saving styles this form of desk is typically the smallest and therefore the most budget friendly and square footage friendly. Rectangular reception desks typically consist of a single unit. A variety of finishes like cherry, mahogany, and maple are commonly available from most manufacturers and stations average to be around 6' wide. These popular reception stations work well for single person applications and can be found for as little as $400. Top styles are manufactured by companies like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and OFM, Inc.

Style 2: Curved
Curved Reception Desk 
Probably the most popular style of reception desk on the market are those witch curved front. The modern look of units like the 55293 marque reception station make it popular in contemporary lounge environments where budgets are important. Curved reception desk solutions like these are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any space and these particular units can even be added on to later. This awesome attribute allows you to grow your desk with your needs, a priceless commodity in the modern office furniture world.

Style 3: L Shaped

L Shaped Reception Desk

Commonly, factors like desk storage and ADA compliance are important in reception furniture applications. L shaped reception desks offer the ability to meet these needs without sacrificing too much precious space. Often, L shaped reception desk models are able to be worked with 2 employees and are commonly seen in businesses throughout the country. As with all Mayline furniture, L shaped reception desks from this manufacturer are always recommended an incredibly well made. Other popular models are available including the new Verde reception desk by Cherryman Industries and styles from Offices To Go that are very budget friendly.

Modern Reception Desk

As not every business is at a space disadvantage, small reception desk units are not always needed. Additional desk styles are available for those businesses with more space. Modern reception desks and box shaped reception desk options are typically utilized in larger work environments where multiple employees are needed to handle the flow of calls and visitors. When it comes to reception furniture in general, working with a designer is always a help. For those on a strict budget it's best to keep it simple as a common rule. Using modular desks and products that can grow with you needs will always save you money and time in the long run. Most importantly, it's essential to remember that whatever you're needs, by doing a little research and homework a solution is never too far away.
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