Monday, December 3, 2012

Home Furniture and Office Gift Ideas That Won't Break Your Budget

Throughout the holiday season furniture sales are widely available online. Knowing where to shop and what products are the best deals is essential. Stop buying ties and cologne for dad. Enough pajamas for mom. Let's be honest, kids don't really like opening clothes. Get your loved one something they can really use! These holiday gift ideas are real winners and a perfect solution to your gift giving crisis.

Gift 1: Glass Computer Desk

This 48" glass computer desk by Calico Designs is the perfect gift for any young professional. The modern style and wood accents warm up any space and are sure to get a plethora of compliments. The 56000 office desk features hardwood legs, a tempered glass surface, and floor levelers for stability. For only $299.99 this unique Christmas gift can be yours.

Gift 2: Modern End Table

Looking for the wow factor? Replace that old table while the wife is asleep, and let her wake up to this beautiful new piece of modern furniture in the living room. The Dawson 3376-G table by Global features elegant lines and is available in several rich finishes to match the decor of any space. It won't take long for her to notice this! She will compliment your taste and love you're creativity.

Gift 3: Dual Monitor Arm

Using a single computer monitor in the workplace is a thing of the past. They are almost as old school as those briefcase phones you'd where over your shoulder. Dual screen monitor mounts offer the ability to create usable workspace and a far more efficient work environment. Monitor mounts adjust to meet the needs of the user effortlessly. They are truly an essential part of any ergonomic office. By now you've probably seen this awesome piece of office equipment at your place of business. It's time to upgrade your home workspace for the family and this modern gift idea is the perfect place to start.

Gift 4: Wood Bookcase

We can all use more storage. Space in any office is a premium and what better way to maximize it than with this stunning Mira series bookcase by Mayline. Available in two finishes, the MBC3642 model bookcase is the perfect gift for any executive.  Mayline Mira furniture is designed for luxury work environments and truly stands out. This collection of business office furniture also includes a variety of tables and executive desks to match.
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