Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lobby Furniture Configurations with Style

Inspiring furniture can be seen in a variety of places. Schools, modern buildings, museums, and health care facilities are among the top locations. The one space these places have in common is the lobby. Lobby furniture and seating with style sets a professional tone for any facility. A well designed and inspired layout shows class and elegance. This article highlights a variety of stunning lobbies designed to impress visitors while boasting efficient and well thought our designs.

Lobby 1: The Modern Lounger

Modern Lounge Furniture

The first lobby up features modern style that's hard to miss. This area incorporates a wide variety of modern accent furniture along with Mayline Santa Cruz tablet chair solutions in a stunning cream leather. As with most spaces, the lighting sets the tone! The beautiful standing lamp shown in the left corner catches the eye and effectively promotes the mood desired by the client. Overall this space gets an A+ on grade scale.

Lobby 2: Naturally lit

Wind Lobby Furniture

Sticking with the modern theme, lobby two boasts a contemporary sofa and lounge seating from the Global Total Office Wind collection. This upholstered seating solution features metal legs that add to an industrial look popular in commercial lobby areas. The natural light and well thought out seating layout compliment each other perfectly. As an added touch, a matching Wind coffee table accompanies the room without over stating the simplicity of the atmosphere.

Lobby 3: Home Sweet Home

Homey Lounge Furniture

The Mayline furniture offered in this configuration offers a warming feel that is quite welcoming. Spaces with a traditional style of this nature are often popular for those in search of a homey atmosphere. To compliment the space, wood floors, accent tables, and wall art was used perfectly. The added touch of a potted plant offers a lively characteristic that pulls the whole space together. The wall colors chosen are also a highlight. It's easy to see the time and care taken to provide guests with a comfortable and professional waiting environment.

Lobby 4: Visitors Welcome
Modern Lobby Furniture
Lobby configuration 4 is designed to meet the needs of a business looking to accommodate a large amount of visitors. Utilizing an effective layout of gangable guest chairs, this client has effectively designed an efficient space with stunning style. The curved reception desk solution adds to the modern look while the reception area accent tables and area rug compliment the dark wood floors. Again we see the proper use of natural lighting which saves on power and adds to the welcoming feel.

Lobby 5: Modular Flair

Modular Lobby Furniture

For those in search of versatility, OFM Uno seating solutions are the way to go. This modular furniture collection boasts a variety of contemporary sofas and tables designed for the ever change needs of modern businesses. Uno seating is available in a variety of two tone color options that really draw in guests. Featuring this product in your lobby will get you an abundance of compliments for certain. Accompanying the reception seating is a variety of wedge table and magazine table models from the OFM Profile series. These well designed and incredibly modern office tables are also available in a variety of color options to meet the needs of your decor. The tile floors and welcoming table pictured behind the chairs complete the look. As a favorite amongst interior designers, this lobby setup is nothing short of amazing.
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