Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Prepping Your Space for New Office Furniture in 3 Simple Steps

Modular Executive Office Furniture Configuration
So you've just bought a bunch of new office furniture. What's next? All too often, consumers are so excited about their furniture purchase that they forget to prep for it's arrival. This informative article highlights valuable tips to get you prepped and ready for your new products. Following the guidelines listed here will have you organized and working effectively while making your office makeover a breeze.

Step 1: Schedule Delivery

Once you've made your initial purchase, it's vital to schedule the delivery of your products as soon as possible. Providing your dealer with an ample delivery window in advance will ensure you're not caught off guard with a semi at your door.While requesting your delivery date, don't forget to inquire about tracking information as it's an excellent way to stay on top of things.

The two main benefits of a scheduled delivery are organization and a timeline for office preparation. Once the delivery date is established it's important to notate it on a calender. This is the date your space must be fully prepped for you're new products.

Step 2: Get Organized

The odds are you haven't gone through those file cabinets filled with old paperwork in years. It's essential to take the time needed to get organized and ensure important documents are kept safe. About the time your furniture ships you'll want to start the organization process. During this time, you'll want to get rid of all the gum wrappers, sticky notes, outdated materials, and general office debris collected over the years. Go through all your drawers and preserve useful office supplies in a box or two.

Once you've cleared the area, move the items your saving to a safe place. Once your office desk configuration and new filing cabinets are installed you'll want to bring them back into your space for proper arranging. They are best left out of the way for now.

Step 3: Demo and Installation

Once organized, your space should consist of your current furniture and computer. Take a moment to survey your space and take pictures. You might just be able to recapture some of your budget by selling your office storage cabinets and desking online. Next, it's time to get that old stuff outta there! Approximately 1 day before your furniture arrives you'll want to determine a viable location for your old products. This staging area should also be utilized for placement of your new furniture if you've not paid for inside delivery.

In most cases, modular office furniture is easily disassembled using a screwdriver alone. Keep in mind, furniture is heavy and this is definitely a two person job. If possible, leave as many pieces connected in order to minimize your efforts. As a tip, use furniture sliders to reduce the strain on your back while removing old products. These useful tools can be picked up at any neighborhood hardware store.

Next, break out the vacuum! Give that office floor a quick clean to ensure you're starting fresh. Once you've cleaned up all the paper clips and elusive potato chip crumbs, it's time to assemble your new furniture. Locate your instructions and start the process. When it comes to executive style office desks and larger furniture, this task may seem a bit daunting at first. Don't get overwhelmed! Items purchased from top casegoods furniture lines typically go together quite smoothly. Additionally, products like lateral file cabinets typically ship assembled and only require uncartoning. When it comes to office chairs, basic assembly is typically required but only takes about 10 minutes at most.

Once you're new office furniture is successfully installed, remove the boxes and get re organized. Bring in your important documents and file them accordingly. It's essential to get started on the right foot with new furniture. You'll gain the most benefit by building good organization habits and maximizing the potential of your executive office furniture configuration. The same can be said for reception furniture or any other main office area. In the long run, new furniture should be purchased for much more than just good looks. Ergonomics and office efficiency should always be key factors during the shopping process.
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