Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What To Look For In A Professional Drafting Table

Professional Drafting Tables
 Drafting tables are incredibly popular. Architects, artists, and crafting professionals all require a quality drafting table to get their jobs done effectively. Often, the question is asked what makes a drafting table worthy of a professional title. With so many models available on the market today, it's hard to know which tables will work best for your individual needs. This article highlights the important traits and characteristics any high end drafting table should feature to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

The first and most obvious trait of a professional drafting table is the price. While beginner models are available for around $250 from reputable brands like Studio Design, high end tables can range in the thousands. While this might sound like a strain on the average budget, the benefits and extended life span of a well made table is hard to beat. One popular model, the Ranger Drafting Table can be purchased for as low as $553.99 and is a real favorite amongst the architectural crowd.
Ranger Drafting Table 
Secondly, a professional table for drafting should feature a durable top. While glass drafting table solutions look fantastic, a thermally fused laminate surface or metal top will last much longer. For this reason, the top of your table is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping. Architects and artists alike will often choose a lighted drafting table top as it provides excellent visual benefits and makes work a whole lot easier!

Lighted Drafting TableAnother important factor is the table base. High end tables should feature a four leg design. This post style approach promotes stability. While beginner drafting table models often showcase fancy leg designs that look great in home office environments, they don't bode well for every day use. Those intending to subject their product to daily use will want a rugged frame that ensures commercial grade craftsmanship. In most cases, steel and solid wood is preferred.

Ergonomic adjustability is a trait that will surely keep you comfortable and working at your highest levels of productivity when drafting. While most tables offer some form of surface adjustment regardless of price and style, top quality models will offer a far greater range of movement. Height adjustable drafting table solutions as well as split top drafting table models are an excellent indication of this valuable trait. A tables adjustment capabilities provides versatility and a wide range of motions that should be tested before purchasing if possible. Several top drafting tables are actually rather difficult to adjust compared to others. Electronic options are available but will often drive up the cost of your table. Hand operated models typically work perfectly and leave a far smaller window of areas to breakdown over time.

Split Top Drafting Table Lastly, any respectable table should come with a warranty. Any Mayline Drafting Table for example come with a manufacturers guarantee that keeps you protected throughout the life of your product. This guarantee provides security for your investment and should not be overlooked. While most brands will cover manufacturers defects, it's nice to know that quality manufacturers like Mayline provide extended coverage, replacement parts, and much more for your table. Opting to go with a preferred brand of this nature is always a smart choice.

In the long run, testing a variety of professional drafting tables will ensure you get this best bang for your buck. Doing your homework will always save you money when shopping regardless of the products your interested in. No matter the table you decide to utilize, make sure to not overlook the efficiency improving details like ergonomic drafting chairs as well as flat file cabinets to keep you important documents secure and protected. Top online providers will be happy to provide bulk discounts, free shipping, and coupons for shoppers looking to outfit their entire work area. This little tip is an excellent way to save a bundle!
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