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What Does New Office Furniture Cost?

How much should I expect to spend on new office furniture? This commonly asked question is definitely an important one! When shopping for furniture of any kind the cost is determined by several factors like brand, style, features, quantity, and size. The 4 main areas of any business furnishing project include the reception area, employee work spaces, boardroom, and executive office. To help you gain a better grasp of the cost of new office furniture, enjoy this workplace cost analysis using the popular Verde casegoods line of modern products for your business.

Cherryman IndustriesIf you're looking for new office furniture with modern style, you'll love Cherryman Industries. This full service office manufacturer is a favorite amongst industry professionals and interior design teams alike. The Verde casegoods line has been there top seller for the last 3 years. Verde's unique look, affordable price point, and quality make it a real winner in the workplace.

Verde Reception Furniture
The first area you'll want to cover is reception. This main area will require a professional welcome desk, guest seating, and accent furniture. On average businesses look to accommodate between 5 and 10 guests at a time. Therefore, we will use this figure throughout today's article to form our cost breakdown.

Modern Black Leather Verde Lounge Chair
When it comes to reception desks the Verde collection offers one of the most popular! The VL-816 Verde Reception Desk offers incredible modern style and versatility. Available with your choice of return direction, this station can form a left or right handed reception station for a truly modular design. Priced at $674.99, you just can't beat the value of the VL-816.
Contemporary Verde End Table
To accommodate your visitors, the Verde leather lounge chair will do the trick! This line of stylish office lounge seating is sure to compliment your Verde furniture perfectly. Priced at $553.99 you'll definitely want to call about a bulk discount for added savings. You'll be needing 5 chairs for your space at a total cost of $2769.95.

Accenting your reception furniture configuration is a breeze if you're using the Verde collection! Models like the VL-865 end table priced at $329.99 will do the trick. You'll want 2 tables for a cohesive look that provides a perfect organizing spot for magazines and other common lounge items.

Total Reception Furniture Cost: $4104.92

VL-619N Verde Corner Desk with Pedestals

Moving on to the employee work areas you'll want to find a general product that matches the theme of your reception area. Luckily, the Verde collection is a full service line that has your every need covered! Let's say we are looking to furnish 5 offices with new office desks and storage. Items like the VL-619N are a perfect choice that allow room for growth. This Corner Desk can be used along walls to save space which is surely at a premium! Priced at $992.99, we'll use these for our cost analysis! As an added bonus they also include desk pedestals for basic office organizational needs.

Two desk pedestals is enough to get your space off on the right track in terms of storage. However, you'll probably want to add lateral filing cabinets for important documents. While this is by no means a necessity, budgeting for office file cabinets is important and most businesses do opt to include them. The Verde Lateral File Cabinet priced at $509.99(x5) will definitely do the trick while matching perfectly.

Total  Cost: $7514.95

Verde Conference Table

A properly configured conference room furniture layout includes the table, wall cabinets, and presentation board. Starting with the VL-870 Verde Conference Table we'll get this room off on the right foot. The VL-870 features unique painted glass leg inserts and a modern style that's hard to miss. This line of contemporary conference tables has been incredibly popular throughout 2013 and is definitely a high recommended product by industry professionals! Priced at $981.99, it's also an excellent value.
Verde Cabinet

Wall cabinetry provides a nice accent to your table of choice and offers much needed storage for the boardroom. Using the VL-617N Verde Cabinet offers space for important files and a separate two door cabinet for basic storage. Priced at $1053.99, this cabinet is a bit pricey but really makes the space complete so we couldn't live without it!

Verde Presentation Board
Last but certainly not least the Verde presentation board offers an important piece of accent furniture commonly used during meetings. The V120LE offers a dry erase center section with side tack boards. Close the hinged doors for a clean and professional look when not in use. This piece adds $476.99 to our boardroom checkout total.

Total  Cost: $2512.95

Verde VL-749N Modern Executive Desk Suite
Last but certainly not least we reach the executive office furniture configuration. This area should make a classy statement sure to leave a lasting impression on guests. Luckily, this area is the easiest to furnish! Pre configured executive desks from the Verde collection provide a simple to use solution to your office needs. Priced at $2474.99, the VL-749N Verde Desk Suite is a great way to go. This popular modern executive desk configuration includes everything you'll need to create the perfect office with ample storage and a luxurious style that's easy to love.

Total  Cost: $2474.95

Now that all the main areas have been covered from the reception space to the CEO's office, your ready for the final tally. Keep in mind, new office chairs will probably be needed. With so many options on the market you'll be at no shortage of quality options to meet your needs and budget. The purchase of discount office chairs should be handled at the same time as your furniture to help you achieve a better bulk deal while minimizing the number of shipments to your office. If you've liked the Cherryman Industries Furniture highlighted above, you'll definitely want to check out Respond Series Chairs for your seating needs. 

Final Cost: $16,607.77

*A respectable bulk discount on this amount of Cherryman Casegoods should be in the neighborhood of 10%. As this is an estimation it has not been calculated into our grand total. Inquire with your dealer of choice as to current bulk discount specials, closeouts, and clearance office furniture while shopping to ensure you maximize your potential for savings!
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