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7 Secret Office Furniture Shopping Tips for Increased Savings

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We all love a good deal! Regardless of what we're shopping for, perceived value is incredibly important. Nobody wants to pay top dollar when coupons are out there for the taking! When it comes to the world of office furniture these same principles remain true. The best part is, with the awesome shopping tips in this article a good deal is no longer hard to find!

Tip 1: Bulk Discounts

All too often shoppers walk right through the checkout process with multiple items loaded in the cart. When in a hurry, forgetting to inquire about bulk discount savings is a common occurrence. This is most typically seen with new office chairs and similar products purchased in multiples. If you've got 3 or more items loaded in a shopping cart, take a moment to call about bulk pricing. You'll be surprised at just how much money you can save.

Tip 2: Free Shipping

Paying for shipping online is just plain silly! Did you know that most leading manufacturers like Mayline Furniture include free shipping for dealers? If you see a shipping charge on an furniture purchase there's definitely a chance it's just a hidden way for dealers to make additional profit. This isn't always the case, but to be on the safe side, make sure you seek out legitimate free shipping office furniture providers for the absolute best value possible.

Tip 3: Mark Up

Recent studies show that consumers feel they've received a better deal when they get big discounts off of a marked up product. Several top office furniture providers have taken this principle to heart! Instead of offering products at everyday low prices, dealers are marking up prices and offering specials galore! The benefit is that if you don't ask or seek out a deal, you might just end up paying more than you have to. On the flip side, if you find a coupon, the dealer makes what they wanted to originally but you feel like you've gotten a real bargain. No matter what, mark up is occurring. Arm yourself with this knowledge going into the shopping process. Make sure you find a trustworthy dealer like that believes in customer honesty and affordable prices from the start.

Tip 4: Coupons

If you see an area during checkout to enter a coupon code stop! Open up a new screen in your browser and search active coupon codes for the respective company. It sounds obvious, but all too often checkout is completed quickly and savings are not maximized! Sites like and are great places to start your coupon hunt.

Tip 5: It Never Hurts to Ask

Online shoppers tend to avoid calling dealers to steer clear of a sales pitch, automated system, or any number of factors that take up valuable time. However, time spent building a decent rapport with your dealer of choice can save you money. Take a "It Never Hurts to Ask" mentality when shopping for office desks for sale online along with any other items you might be considering for the home or business. Additionally, a quick phone call will provide you with insight as to what kind of company your dealing with. Preparing yourself in advance with a short call can save you the trouble of a customer service nightmare down the road. If a company seems helpful and friendly, you'll probably also end up with an additional discount of some sort!

Tip 6: Be Nice

Online companies are always more likely to provide you with better service when your nice. Being respectful and kind to your furniture company goes a long way. A quick call to say thank you for a job well done or positive company review speaks volumes. Your furniture provider will often reciprocate with coupons, specials, sale alerts, and closeout specials for added savings.

Tip 7: Newsletter Sign Up

We all hate junk mail! However, if you plan on shopping for office products on a regular basis for your company, the company newsletter is the best place to find out about the latest deals. Commonly, dealers will list items like new conference tables and other top products here when on sale. You can't beat the product suggestions found in the newsletter! Any reputable dealer should put out a monthly message without rocking your inbox with tons of nonsense. If they spam you up, simply request a removal. Let's say your shopping for new reception desks for your business and looking to make a first time purchase with a new dealer. Call your dealer for a copy of the most recent newsletter and see if any are listed. Inquire about active coupons and get a feel for just what type of company your dealing with. Use this simple tip and you can never go wrong!
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