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Professional Office Interiors to Inspire Your Workplace Makeover

A well designed office space will create an excellent first impression. Using the right furniture and accent products in a cohesive nature show professionalism and class. This article highlights trendy office interiors sure to inspire your makeover project.

The Home Office

Home Office

Working at home is an excellent opportunity to make your office completely your own! The perfect way to go about decorating your home office is by finding a "focal point". This can be specific color or art piece for you to orient your room around. In the example above, the focal point is the striped paintings behind the desk and the rug on the floor. The rest of the room uses muted analogous colors to showcase the focal points, creating a wonderfully balanced home office!
Now, you may be thinking "what if I can't find any furniture to go with the room?" Well, never fear! Office furniture manufacturers realize the importance of decor, and work to create furniture with variety to fit any room. In fact, most companies have lines of home computer desks specifically designed for the home office, so your room can look its very best!

The Conference Room

Conference Room

The conference room is perhaps one of the most important rooms in almost any office, so naturally, a makeover for one can be something of a challenge. Fortunately, furniture manufacturers have recognized this and have developed lines of conference room furniture that perfectly blend elegance with tranquility. Keeping the balance between comfort and sophistication is key when decorating a conference room, and nowhere is it more important to keep this balance than in your room's chairs. Today, conference chairs have reached the epitome of style and comfort so your guests never feel tired or stiff during those long meetings. So whether you choose to make the chairs or your conference table the focal point of the room, you can rest assured your guests will be impressed and relaxed at the same time!

The Lobby

Lobbies are typically the first room guests see when they enter an establishment, so its important to decorate with the motto "you never get a second first impression" in mind. It is important to make a room that reflects not only the characteristics of your business, but also looks as amazing as possible. The easiest way to go about this is to follow a protocol similar to home office decoration, that is, focusing more on the rest of the room, then finding furniture to accent it.
Manufacturers today have designed a vast array of lobby furniture available in all sorts of colors and shapes to beautifully accent any lobby. In the photo above, the circular arrangement of fashionable lobby seating that slightly alternate in design draws attention to the sculpture in the center, so guests have something to focus on. The arrangement is graceful, chic, and unique - a great first impression!

The Waiting Room

Waiting Room

Waiting rooms are all about comfort, about making your guests or patients feel relaxed and entertained until you can reach them. The stylish waiting room showcased above is an exemplary illustration of a room that goes above and beyond for its guests! In this room, guests can lounge on the comfortable sofas with a good book or a magazine, or they can choose to work on a laptop at one of the convenient work tables while they wait. The room is tastefully decorated in warm orange tones and is cozy enough that a guest could take a short catnap if the wait time is a long one, and the art on the walls is unintrusive yet interesting enough to capture attention. The capacity for occupancy is high and room for improvements has been left in case the owner decides to add a television or a few end tables to enhance the decor. All in all, this stunning waiting room furniture configuration has everything it needs and the potential for more!

The Training Room

Training Room

The addition of training rooms is one of the fastest growing trends in the business world today, and training room furniture goes right along with it. Training rooms are exactly what they sound like, rooms in which interns or new employees can be trained collectively in small classrooms. The best part about training room furniture is that it is extremely versatile. It isn't just for fast growing businesses. It can also fit seamlessly into libraries or classrooms as well! The designs of training room chairs are very diverse and can be elegant or simple depending on the room's needs. Not only that, they are available in scores of colors to match any decor. Most training tables have the ability to nest for easy storage, making them perfect for lounges, seminars, or cafeterias. Always accessible and ever useful, training room furniture can find a place in any institution and look good doing it!
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