Monday, June 17, 2013

Top Ergonomic Chair Features for Improved Office Comfort

Keeping it ergo in the workplace is just plain smart! A well thought out ergonomic office will improve your versatility, comfort, and effectiveness. That being said, any office of this nature revolves specifically around the chair. When shopping for a new chair, it's important to understand the value of top features sure and how they can benefit your space. This article defines and highlights the top ergonomic office chair features you'll need to get your ergo office started on the right foot. These features provide optimal adjustment capabilities to ensure your comfort and work quality are at their highest levels!

1.) Lumbar Support

Concorde Presidential ChairThe lumbar support offers relief for the abdominal segment of the torso, between the diaphragm and the sacrum. The lumbar region, often referred to as the lower spine is one of the most common areas for back pain. Top chairs like the Concorde Presidential Chair by Global Total Office offer adjustable lumbar supports that provide a wide range of user friendly settings. While these luxury office chairs are great for high end executives, those with lower budgets will appreciate models like the $250.99 B8701 Boss Executive Chair with excellent value! While adjustable lumbar options are nice, if faced with a limited budget you should definitely shop for a chair with a built in version. This is one feature you and your back will definitely appreciate on a daily basis.

2.) Adjustable Arms

Global G20 ChairIn today's world, most top office chairs for sale are available with stocked or aftermarket arms with excellent adjustment capabilities. Width adjustable arms allow outward movement to match shoulder breadth. This ensure that your forearms are properly supported while computing throughout the day. Arms of this nature will significantly reduce the muscular effort of common problem areas like the next. In addition, some arms like those on the G20 Office Chair can even rotate in order to minimize the risk of pain. The three main types of arm adjustment are height, width, and rotation. If you find a quality office chair with all 3 you'll be on the right track to all day comfort.

3.) Tilt Lock

OFM Mesh Executive Chair 580You've probably already guessed the definition of this useful feature! However, for those that haven't, tilt lock is ability to lock your chair in any desired reclined or forward leaning position by working. This feature is designed to accommodate your individual working posture and create a range of supportive positions. While infinite tilt lock position chairs are available, single lock models are far less expensive and still provide great support. Models like OFM 580 Office Chair provide a wide range of functions including tilt lock for as low as $299.99. As with all OFM office chairs, this popular model is made incredibly well and with your everyday needs in mind.

4.) Swivel

Contemporary White Leather Office ChairYou won't have a hard time finding ergonomic office chairs for sale with this feature. Nearly every chair on the market offers users the ability to swivel. Believe it or not, there was actually a time when this was considered the premier feature. It just shows you how far modern ergonomics have advanced in the last few years alone. Regardless of it's common status, this feature is of great benefit to any user. Speed, efficiency, and mobility are all improved with swiveling desk chairs for the home or business. Just imagine how many times you turn in your current office chair per day. Now imagine how many times you would have had to strain your back without this feature. Without a swivel feature you'd be getting up on a regular basis for simple tasks we take for granted because of this attribute. Keep in mind that while this feature is probably already a factor on your old chair, it's benefits are not to be overlooked and appreciated. Office life would be much more difficult without the swivel chair! Unless you suffer from severe motion sickness, swivel capabilities are essential for any business chair.

5.) Synchro-Tilt Movement

Cherryman Industries Respond Task ChairThis beneficial feature allows your office chairs backrest to recline at a faster pace than the seat. Simple as it is, this increases the angle between your torso and thighs, thus encouraging dynamic body movement and improved comfort. The mobility of your office chair and range of capable movements is drastically improved with a synchro-tilt chair. Models like the Cherryman Industries Respond Chair offer synchro-tilt and a variety of the other features highlighted in this post and should definitely be considered by those looking for mesh back office chairs that won't break you budget.

Additional features you should consider when shopping for computer chairs for sale online include quality casters and pneumatic seat height adjustment. These two factors will improve your mobility while simultaneously improving your posture. Most of the industries top executive chairs come standard with these features. Brands like Mayline, Global Industries, OFM and many others are definitely the best place to start your search!
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