Monday, July 1, 2013

Cool Products for Designing the Perfect Waiting Room

Is your waiting room working as hard as you are to make your guests as comfortable as possible? If not, here are some popular, stylish furniture options to add to your room to make it shine! From traditional lounge seating solutions to the industries most innovative new products, these waiting room products are sure to enhance any visitor's space.

Sofas and Lounge Chairs

Jarvis Reception Sofa by Global

If your business is all about the comfort and care of your guests, nothing sings that mentality louder than a waiting room filled with comfortable sofas and lounge chairs for them to sit in. These luxurious chairs are a fantastic solution for a business place that requires their guests to wait for long periods of time. The best part is that they can look great together or by themselves. depending on the size of your waiting room, sofas can fit into larger spaces and smaller lounge chairs can be arranged neatly however you like. In these chairs, guests will feel pampered and relaxed until their name is called. Whether you seat patients, clients, or business executives these plush sofas and chairs are sure to make your guests feel right at home!

Coffee Tables

Dawson Glass Coffee Table

One critical mistake that many business owners make when decorating their own waiting room is not providing tables. If your waiting room does not provide entertainment options such as magazines and books, your guests may end up bored, and worse - more likely to complain. You want your guests to feel comfortable while they wait and this is why adding a simple coffee table is the perfect solution. Not only can coffee tables support magazines and pamphlets about your business, but they are the perfect centerpiece for any large waiting room, cleverly filling the space while simultaneously providing a service for guests. Alternatively, if you have a small waiting room and feel adding a coffee table might make things claustrophobic, adding a few smaller end tables is a fantastic way to provide the same shelf space! Either way, you cant go wrong!

Beam Seating

If you know your waiting room turns out patients quick as flash, beam seating is a stylish and space efficient option as well! As far was waiting room furniture goes, beam seating is a trend that is sweeping the nation, and for good reason. This type of seating is extremely space efficient. Providing numerous chairs on one plane creates the illusion that the room is much larger, making this a remarkable solution for offices with small waiting rooms. Many beam seating configurations also provide their own end tables so guests can set down their drinks, purses, or magazines. Additionally, these outstanding little seats are available in numerous designs and colors for different decors and can go beautifully in lounges and break rooms as well.

Flatscreen TV Mounts

Small Wall LCD TV Mount

Many business establishments have come to recognize the benefits of adding televisions to their waiting rooms for their advertisement and entertainment capabilities. The versatility of televisions make them especially smart in places that deal regularly with young children such as pediatrics offices, and have become a huge saving grace for many dentists that have been bitten in the past by unoccupied children and adults. With DVDs, video games, and the options of cable and satellite, its no question that TVs entertain guests. But if you're wondering how to go about incorporating a television into your workplace, flat screen TV mounts are the best way to get the task done! These ergonomic monitor mounts can be affixed to any wall, at any height to save all the space you can. Many of them come equipped with "arms" so that the placement of the television is adjustable. By providing televisions, doctors, dentists, and many others have found a wonderful way to occupy their patients, both young and old.

Waiting Room Sets

Mayline Santa Cruz Leather Lounge Furniture Set

If you're not much of a decorator, or if you're just too busy to do it yourself, there is a wonderful solution for you. Manufacturers have recognized that many business owners haven't the time to go bustling around searching for the perfect furniture for their waiting rooms, so they have provided a solution - waiting room sets. Purchasing waiting room seating sets is an ideal option for novice decorators because the furniture will not clash with one another. The chairs, tables, and sofas for sale are designed to compliment each other perfectly. Not only that, waiting room sets are available in a host of styles and colors to match any decor, all you have to do is decide which one you want!
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