Wednesday, August 7, 2013

5 Must Have Office Accessories for Any Workspace

In order to work at the highest levels of productivity in your office you'll need the right tools. Believe it or not, office accessories make a huge difference in terms of efficiency and overall workplace effectiveness. This article highlights the top 5 office accessories any business will benefit from. From ergonomic monitor arms to adjustable keyboard trays, outfitting your office with these top products is a must!

2 Screen Monitor ArmFirst up, the ergonomic monitor arm. If you're still working with a single screen on the stock base you're in the stone age! Top articulating monitor arms from brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions, Systematix, and Symmetry are incredibly budget friendly and equally useful. From increased usable desk space to limitless adjustment capabilities, adding a monitor arm will change the way you work. Going will a 2 screen monitor arm will add even more benefits that include a major increase in work speed. No more flipping back and forth between tabs! Simple click and drag a webpage to either monitor and adjust the screen to a desired position. Priced starting at around $200, the features gained from these awesome products are well worth every penny.

Orion Tablet MountTablets like the iPad are being used in business more and more each day. The difficult part is that without mounting your tablet properly you'll be stuck holding it in your lap. The new Orion tablet mount is a great way to keep your tablet handy and within arms reach. Priced at only $149.99, this product makes an awesome gift that any modern business professional will surely appreciate. The Orion offers a simple clamping mechanism that attaches to the side of almost any work surface. The upper clamp will easily accommodate screens from 7" to 11" comfortably. As an added bonus, all Orion mounts are standard with a security locking feature that provides a great anti theft deterrent. We expect these versatile products to be a staple of any modern business in the near future. Look for the tablet mounting trend to show up in an office near you in 2013.

Adjustable FootrestAdding an adjustable footrest to your office is a great way to take pressure off your knees while improving blood flow. Top ergonomic footrests for office applications will also improve your posture and work great in cohesion with ergonomic office chairs from related brands. The office of the future is solely based around comfort and efficiency. Adding a product like the FR201 footrest by ESI will surely have you started on the right track. Priced at only $71.99, the benefits achieved from this simple product are just too good to pass up. As a side tip, avoid wood models as they tend to ware much more quickly over time. Hard plastic variations hold up better, longer, and offer a modern look thats's sure to impress.

Ergonomic Task LightDuring the average work day the majority of office workers rely solely on the overhead lighting in their space. This is not ideal to say the least! Adding adjustable office lighting to your space will cut down on electric bills while providing light when and where you need it. High energy overhead bulbs are quite expensive, and top LED task light models are an absolute bargain when compared to both long and short term power usage. An ergonomic desk lamp can also be of excellent use. Products like the Omega task light take up minimal space and really come in handy during day and night time hours.

Adjustable keyboard trayThe unsung hero of the office world is still the ergonomic keyboard tray. These adjustable ergonomic products are often overlooked but are relied upon daily to perform most every computing task comfortably. A retractable keyboard tray provides excellent space saving features by mounting under your desk when opposed to sitting on top. Using adjustable keyboard trays to accompany executive office desks for sale from top brands is a must for any work environment looking for a clean and well organized look! No more cluttered desk tops with wires strewn about. The most important benefits of these helpful products include an improved computing position to meet your body type, height, and angle most efficient for working long hours.
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