Monday, August 26, 2013

Cool Workplace Furniture Trends

Whether your business is geared toward services specifically for people or you just want to stay hip to the modern age, keeping your office updated with the coolest workplace furniture trends is a great way to start. However, keeping up with what's hot can be really difficult if you don't know what to look for in your office furniture. But never fear, with this handy tutorial on how to keep things looking new and exciting, you will have your workplace tricked out with all the latest styles and gadgets, finding yourself on the cutting edge in no time!


Napoli Modular Executive Desk by Mayline

One of the coolest design trends on the market today is the sleek look of metal. This shiny, solid material is not just sturdy, but the extra sheen coupled with other materials such as wood or glass gives any place a spectacular feeling of balance and modernization. Even if your workplace decor is full of glass and dainty lines, metal can convey strength to even things out. If your workplace relies a lot on wood furnishings, adding metal is a great accent that brings a touch of the new age into the room. Office products that make the best use of metal accents are usually modern office desks and computer desks, as well as glass office desks for any home or business.  There are even a few modern chairs for executives out there that will match this new combo and add a splash of color to tie in any existing decor! When it comes to metal, there are tons of options. Whatever you choose, know that adding any of these great products is a surefire way to make your office shine. Literally!


Verde White Glass Office Desk Set by Cherryman

If you want a workplace that looks crisp and stylish, there is no better material to use than glass. In fact, a few glass accents here and there are often just the thing needed to complete a room. Glass looks great with any decor because it is so incredibly versatile. It can come in a transparent shade of almost any color and be molded into just about any design imaginable. But, if you want to go for the modern look, clear or a nice pale blue are the ways to go. Adding glass signifies honesty in the workplace as well as a strong sense of the modern age. If you want to go green or symbolize a rebirth of some kind, glass is the also perfect thing, as it can easily be melted down and molded into something new. No modern office should ever be complete without a few glass accents, and the best office products to do it with are glass office desks and glass computer desks for your home or workplace. Other ways to bring in glass are with a few stylish storage cabinets with glass doors, or with glass end tables in a waiting room or lounge.


Wood and Glass Verde Conference Table by Cherryman

One of the biggest trends of the modern age is the addition of white office furniture to workplaces. We've all seen it at the Apple Store, but now the trend has become huge, and for good reason. White conveys a sense of cleanliness. It easily matches any color and looks great when compared with other solid colors or unique designs. Subconsciously, pale tones like white or light blue make rooms appear more open which is especially important if you have dark furniture. In fact, the white-black color combo is one of the most stylish modern designs of today, both colors working to contrast one another in a way that makes any room feel whole, complete, and well balanced. Office products that are great opportunities to incorporate white into your color scheme are through stylish office chairs, such as the Hendrix White Leather Conference Chair by Woodstock, or in cool office desks like the ones offered in the Verde Collection by Cherryman for office use.

Modular Design

Mayline Aberdeen Series Typical Muti User Workstation

If you're already thrilled with the way your office looks, but maybe aren't so thrilled with how it functions, there are some remarkable products out there to help you with just that, and they all rely on the same concept: modular design. Now, if you're wondering what "modular design" is, don't worry - its very new - but knowing a few tricks about modular design can really help you out regarding the functionality of your office. The whole concept revolves around keeping everything at hands' reach in the office and making the most use of the space you've got. A few of the products that best showcase this concept are multi user workstations and cubicles for business purposes. These products always make great use of space, often allowing more than one individual to work from the same unit. They are great for businesses that fluctuate in activity, part of their modular design including the ability to add or remove units as needed. However, if you've already got desks or workstations, it doesn't mean you get to miss out on the benefits of modular design. Adding sliding keyboard trays and monitor arms to your computers are easy ways to clear up desk space and improve office function. Mounting CPU holders under desks free up leg room and prevent accidents by keeping your computers' hard drives off the floor.

Ergonomic Features

OFM Verte Ergonomic Office Chair

Perhaps one of the biggest trends in office design today revolves around ergonomics. This new style of furniture is design to reflect the findings of different ergonomic studies, meaning all products are designed to improve comfort and efficiency in the workplace. The office products that do this best are without a doubt, ergonomic office chairs for the home and business. Products like the Verte Ergonomic Office Chair above are some of the most comfortable chairs money can buy, moving in every way that your back does. Other ergonomic desk chairs come with all sorts of features, including the ability for height and back adjustment, seat adjustment, and removable arm rests. There are even a few stylish ergonomic office desks out there, in case you need a desk that features height adjustment or provides tilt control over the surface. Adding ergonomic workstations are great for the health of your employees and, in turn, the health of your business. Even if your office is as stylin' as ever, without the addition of ergonomics, know that your workplace is seriously missing something in the realm of the modern age: comfort and efficiency.
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