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How to Properly Adjust Your Office Chair

How To Properly Adjust Your Office Chair
Simply having a high quality ergonomic office chair isn't enough. You can spend thousands on the must cutting edge seating solution available, but the money is poorly spent if you don't understand how to operate your chair properly. Getting the most out of your chair involves making the proper adjustments to keep you comfortable on a regular basis throughout your work day. From chair height to arm width this article shares the 4 key ways to most effectively adjust your chair in order to keep you working efficiently.

1.) Chair Height

Believe it or not, the height of your chair determines quite a bit about workplace comfort. Sitting too low will have you reaching and over extending. These poor practices cause you to tire more quickly when working in addition to back pain. A chair positioned too high limits blood blow and makes for bad posture sure to have you sitting uncomfortably all day long. The funny part is, that most people will just deal with the pain rather than adjusting one simple lever beneath their chair. The habit of sitting uncomfortably is strangely hard to break! That being said, take the time to go through your office chairs full range of motion, then choose the most effective position for yourself. If you're  still unsure, the middle of the pneumatic cylinders range is typically a good bet. You can also meet with a physician for more insight.

2.) Chair Back

When shopping for ergonomic office chairs online, one of the most important factors to consider is back height. While some models offer adjustable back height, this is considered a luxury feature that can drive the price up significantly. No need to worry! This seldom used feature is unnecessary if you pre determine the necessary back height that works best for you. Individuals over 6' tall will want to use a high back office chair while those under 6' can use mid back models comfortably. Shorter individuals will benefit from low back solutions designed to best accommodate their frame. The back height of a chair is far more important for taller individuals. Sitting in a chair that's too low will not provide you with the proper support, thus resulting in back pain. Top high back executive chairs like the Concorde Presidential Chair from Global are great for those in search of a luxury option for their workspace. Models like the Triumph Executive Chair are far more cost effective and still offer excellent features and benefits sure to improve your work day while keeping you properly supported.

3.) Chair Angle

Most ergonomic chairs for everyday computing come standard with a tilt function that can be locked in place. Higher end chairs are commonly accompanied with an infinite tilt mechanism that can be secured at any angle you choose. Regardless of the chair you're operating, adjusting the angle at which you sit is vitally important. Setting the angle too far back may have you lounging and looking stylish, but this could be causing you much more harm than good! Setting the angle too far forward will have you straining and constantly adjusting. That being said, most industry professionals recommend trying out several positions. In the long run, your chair adjust for a reason. Most ergonomists will adjust the angle of their chair 10 to 15 times throughout the day to work most efficiently. While you might think that sounds a bit extreme, you should at least do yourself the favor of adjusting to an ideal angle that works well with your body type and natural posture.

4.) Chair Arms

With so many incredible advances to the world of adjustable office chairs, buying a model without adjustable arms is just plain silly. The arms of your chair are one of the most important features that can make or break your work day. Fixed arms are fine on conference room chairs, but your everyday model needs to be comfortably accommodating to any of your current needs. Innovative new executive chairs like the G20 office chair from Global offer width, height, and angle adjustable arms for a reason! These capabilities all allow for a customizable sit geared towards improving your work rate and effectiveness. As with all adjustments, you have to know what you're working with before you can know what works best. Simple adjust your arms in all of the ways available and choose a regular position. Width adjustable arms should be moved out on big and tall office chairs when getting up or sitting down. Smaller operators should move chairs in for the same reason. The versatility of adjustable chair arms and their benefits are endless. This is one adjustment that should be used several times a day to get the most out of your chair. The proper use of your arms makes for a sure fire boost in comfort that should not be overlooked.

In the long run, to properly adjust your office chair you have to first understand it's capabilities and benefits. In most cases research is done while shopping. However, if you've already purchased new computer chairs for your business you can still meet with industry professionals or look for manufacturer specifics online to learn about your particular model. It's also important to keep in mind that properly adjusting your chair means meeting your specific comfort needs. There is not set rule on how you should sit while working. Ergonomics is all about comfort and getting the most out of your work day. Experiment with your chair to find out how you can achieve this goal for yourself!
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