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Top 5 Tips for Creating an Awesome Reception Area

Reception areas are an important part of many businesses. If you are a doctor, dentist, hotel concierge, or even a hair stylist, chances are you walk through one of these rooms every day. You may even sit behind the big desk! Reception areas set the stage for how the customer will view your business, so it is pivotal that your business's reception area looks top-notch. Here are some helpful tips as to what sort of furniture is both stylish and functional enough to leave your customers in awe!

Reception Seating Sets

Mayline Santa Cruz Lounge Furniture Set

If you're not quite sure where to start regarding your reception area's design, consider choosing furniture set. Sets are wonderful options because they include everything you need to keep your guests happy, and with reception seating sets you never have to worry about forgetting something visitors might need. The furniture is predesigned to match itself perfectly, and usually provides numerous color options for you to choose from if your walls are already painted. Reception furniture sets such as the Santa Cruz Lounge Furniture Collection by Mayline typically include comfortable sofas, matching lounge chairs, and coffee tables in one affordable package. Just one or a few of these sets depending on the size of your reception area will impress your guests without a doubt!

Reception Tables

Sorrento Series Oval Coffee Table By Mayline

One super important aspect of reception area design that is often overlooked is the addition of tables to the room. Adding reception area accent tables is crucial to your guests' satisfaction. If you provide magazines or drinks for your guests but neglect provision of a place to set them, all your efforts to keep visitors refreshed and entertained are wasted. Guests will notice very quickly if they want to set down a beverage or book and can't find a place to put it other than the floor. Don't make this critical mistake. Try throwing in some cool coffee tables for your guests to set their belongings. Not only are the tables beneficial to your customers, but they are also beneficial to you! They provide a place for you to set pamphlets about your business and reading materials for your guests while they wait. You may even consider going the extra mile by including bistro tables where your guests can enjoy snacks or surf the web on their laptops if wait time is extensive.

Beam Seating

Net Beam Seating Configuration by OFM

Another option you may want to consider is beam seating for your office space. Beam seating is a trend that has been sweeping the nation with good reason. It has become a wonderful way to organize reception areas and save space by combining numerous chairs into one single unit. Some beam seating options even like the OFM Net Beam Seating Configuration include small end tables as part of their setup so that you can provide a place for guests to set drinks or magazines. These seating solutions are wonderful for offices that have cramped space or want a new design that has never been seen before. They are available in tons of materials and color options and you can often choose how many chairs you want in your configuration. Beam chairs are modern, chic, and totally cool for any business that wants to bring in fashionable looks without having to pay exorbitant prices.

Reception Desks

Marque Plexi 5 Unit Reception Desk

One thing that is essential to any reception area is the reception desk. This desk should be unique, functional, and reflect the way you want your business to be seen. From a design standpoint, reception desks are usually the focal point of the room, so it is often best to choose a desk that you really like first, and then choose the furniture that you feel will best accent it. Wonderful curved reception desks like the Marque Plexi 5 Unit Reception Desk above are great examples of how modern office desks can make a beautiful focal points because the circular design makes the desk accessible from all parts of the room. But don't limit yourself. If space is an issue, there are plenty of great reception desks for a small office area that can look just as spectacular if you don't have the square footage for a big desk, or if you want another feature of the room to be a focal point. Just keep in mind that the desk you choose is always an important feature of the room, so give it some serious thought.

Reception Seating

Global Lux Arm Chair

Now, if there were anything more crucial to to a reception area than its desk, it would definitely be the seating. In order to make a great first impression with your customers, work so that they feel comfortable at all times. Making sure you have comfortable guest chairs is the best way to start, but you don't have to spend a fortune either. In order to know the right sort of chairs to get, consider how long your guests typically wait for. If your guests only wait between five to ten minutes, you probably don't need to get a whole array of ergonomic executive chairs to satisfy them. Something simple and stylish like the Marche Side Chair by Global is perfect. However, if your guests wait closer to thirty minutes, you might want to go ahead and get something more comfortable such as the Global Kate Series Contemporary Leather Armchair Set for your guests. The best part about guest chairs is that they typically come in a multitude of color and style options to match any decor, so you never have to sacrifice style for functionality!
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