Thursday, August 22, 2013

Top 7 Ways to Improve Your Office

Looking for ways to get things done faster and more efficiently but aren't sure how to do it? If you've been feeling cramped and stifled at work, it may actually be due to your office. Keeping an office space efficient and manageable is a critical first step to a successful business that people often overlook. A clean, well-designed office allows for more productivity, greater effectiveness and speed,  a better business image, and it gives you one less thing to worry about. Here are the top seven ways to improve your office space so that you can improve your business!

An Ergonomic Office Chair

Wing Series Microsuede Eurotech Office Chair

If you are looking for the best way to improve your office space, ergonomics is definitely the way to go. Ergonomics refers to the study of comfort and efficiency in a work environment and the studies have led to a whole range of products developed just to better your work experience. Chief among all of these great new inventions are, without a doubt, comfortable office chairs for your business. There are great ergonomic chairs designed for all purposes, from ergonomic desk chairs to guest chairs, and all are built to rectify discomfort. No more back pain with these babies! From their heights to their inflatable seat cushions, these chairs are designed for the individual to be adjusted by the individual so you can decide what is best for you. These affordable chairs are sure to keep you and your employees feeling comfortable and ready to take on the world!

Get Organized

Organized Office

Keeping an office space clean an organized is always a great place to start if you're looking to refine your office. Cleanliness is not only pleasing to the eye, but a truly clean place is a healthier environment  where everything is easy to find. However, if a workplace is tight on square footage, sometimes cleanliness is not always possible. There's just so much stuff! Sometimes stacking things along the edges of office desks can't be helped right? Wrong. There are tons of simple, affordable ways to keep an office clean, no matter how small it is. Adding mobile office carts is a wonderful example. They're made to provide space for everything that clutters up desks, such as files, pens, directories, even printers, and they can be rolled out of the way when not in use. Another great way to clean things up is by making use of vertical space. Building up instead of out with great storage cabinets and office shelving gives you more of your square footage back, and is much more efficient. You may even find your office has become a little feng shui by the end of it!

Ergonomic Monitor Arm

The screen's too high, too far down, too tilted, too angled, too... not right! If you find yourself struggling to see your own computer screen, things definitely need to change and fast! Ill-placed computers can cause a lot of health problems. If you find yourself bending unnaturally to see the screen in any way, you could be giving yourself headaches or major back pain that can lead to bad moods or even sciatica. Fortunately, the uncomfortable battle with computer screens has been fought many times before. There is a way to defeat discomfort without having to give up desks, stylish executive chairs, or even computers. Just go ergonomic! Mounting ergonomic monitor arms to your desk or wall is the best way to end the pain. These fancy little devices are easily installed and attached to computers and flatscreen TV mounts so that you can tilt and move the screen wherever you want. Maybe you use more than one screen? No problem. There are multi-screen monitor arms too. And as an added bonus, they also clear up desk space!

Proper Lighting

Flourescent Under Mount Task Light by ESI

Does your office seem gloomy? Have you or your employees been feeling down? Has your productiveness slowed exponentially? Don't worry. Chances are, not all of you are depressed at the same time. Most likely, you business just has poor lighting. Proper office lighting is critical for office environments. Without it, employees, guests, and even CEOs can feel crestfallen and when that happens, productiveness can take a huge dive. Additionally, trying to read in lame light is terrible for the eyes. Making sure your workspace is well lit either with natural or artificial light is very important for the health of you, your employees, and your business. If you've been feeling blue, try adding a desk light or overhead task light to shed some light on your office experience!

Retractable Keyboard Tray

Are you tired of leaning over the desk to type? Good! It causes tremendous back pain and is terrible for your health. But that doesn't mean you have to suffer to get your work done. Adding retractable keyboard trays to your office furniture arsenal is another fantastic way to end discomfort and bring productivity back to the office. Retractable keyboard trays mount easily against the underside of desks and can drawn out so that they rest just above your lap for you to type and then stowed away out of sight back under the desk when not in use. It may be a small thing but these little devices are great ways to improve your health and your posture. You can count on ergonomic monitor arms and retractable keyboard trays make a perfect tag team for cleaning up space and keeping you comfortable!

CPU Holder

Storable CPU Holder by ESI

One great way to guard against expensive accidents without spending an arm and a leg is by getting a CPU holder. Anyone who has ever spilled their morning coffee and was terrified their computer's hard drive would get wet has not worried without reason. Accidental spills have been the catalyst for many trips to the electronics store to purchase new computers. The good news about CPU holders that mount underneath the desk is that they not only keep your computer off the ground and away from the splash zone, but they also grant you extra leg room, and if you ever need to adjust the wires in the back, the hard holder can slide out much like a keyboard tray and flip around for easy reach.

Modular Furniture

Multi User Modular Workstation

Adding modular furniture is a trend that has been sweeping the nation with good reason. Modular furniture not only helps keep things organized and users from straining themselves, but it is also stylish and super efficient. The whole idea behind modular workstations is to make the most use out of the smallest space given, and keep everything within arm's reach so users can spend more time at the desk and less time running around looking for what they need. Of course, to do this, modular workstations provide excellent storage capabilities. Most are designed with the whole office in mind and many offices have seen the benefits multi user workstations that allow numerous individuals to effectively make full use of smaller spaces. If your business fluctuates in the number of individuals that work there, modular cubicle systems are wonderful ways to accommodate that by allowing units to be removed or added depending on your needs.
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