Monday, August 19, 2013

What to Expect from a Modern Office

The modern office is a thing of beauty. High tech work environments of the 21st century are built for productivity are built for productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Knowing what to expect in a modern office will help to better prepare your business and keep you on the cutting edge!

High Tech Office Desks

Napoli Modular Executive Desk by Mayline

Any modern office worth its salt is sure to have high tech office desks for their executives and employees. Great modern office desks are wonderfully easy to power and function many of the same capabilities as cool modular workstations so they are easy to add on to as a business grows. Today's ergonomic workstations are designed to solve problems. They often come with adjustable attributes so that each desk can be as individual as its user! Modern desks are often complete with levers or electronic buttons that allow users to adjust desk height so you never have to bend over or reach up to work.  And the best part is that they are always stylishly designed to match any decor!

Modular Design

Mayline Aberdeen Series Typical

Looking at the subtitle above, you may be asking yourself what "modular design" is. Well, one way to describe the concept is by thinking about trains. When trains have more passengers to carry, more cars are added. If there are less passengers, cars can be removed to save time and energy. In the world of office furniture, manufacturers have applied this concept to their products, incorporating what they call a "modular design". There are lots of businesses out there that fluctuate in activity that benefit from office furniture with this design. Today's modern cubicles are not only stylish and ergonomic, but they are also modular, meaning each unit is designed so that it can easily latch onto another unit or it can be easily removed, and modular workstations like the one above take up less space by effectively seating more than one individual. Not only that, modular design also refers to the idea of keeping everything within arm's reach so that users do not have to expend more energy than they need to running to mobile carts to get what they need. Everything is right there. Whether you're referring to the arrangement of desks in a space, or the storage capacity that desk provides, if it has a modular design, you'll never need to pick up a feng shui book again!

Ergonomic Products

ESI Keyboard Tray Solution

If you're wondering what truly makes an office exemplary in current times, just know that its all about ergonomics! Confused? Don't be. Ergonomics is a wonderful concept that has helped many businesses all over the world become more productive, improve efficiency, and introduce comfort. The word "ergonomic" refers to the study of ergonomics which is the study of efficiency in working environments. Ergonomic products can include everything from chairs to retractable keyboards trays,  to desks and much more and they're all designed to improve efficiency by making the workplace more comfortable and less of a hassle. A good modern office is never complete without any of these great ergonomic products: a good tablet mount that hooks computer screens to desks so that they take up less space, ergonomic monitor arms for computer screens and flatscreen TVs that mount to walls, so that you can move the screen around or tilt it to your liking, and CPU holders mounted under desks to keep external hard drives off of the ground in case of spills or other accidents. These fabulous devices save time, add comfort and security, and are an absolute must for any up-to-date office!

Adjustable Office Chair

RFM Verte Ergonomic Chair

Now, if there were a product that showcased all the advances and benefits of ergonomic studies, it would have to be the office chair. No medium has provided more opportunity to expand and discover ergonomic possibilities as the office chairs you sit in every day. Today's comfortable office chairs are completely different than the chairs we sat in ten years ago. They are adjustable, reliable, durable, and individualized so that each person can make their chair as comfortable as they want. Any business with good ergonomic desk chairs or will gladly attest to the well being of their employees as far as comfort goes. But comfort and functionality isn't just limited to executive office chairs anymore. There have been major advancements in the realm of guest chairs and as well! Seating options such as training chairs and beam seating for guests have improved drastically, seating occupants  while providing comfort, saving space, and nesting capabilities for easy storage. Any workplace that includes the advancements of modern seating is sure to wow everyone that steps inside!

Cutting Edge Storage Products

Mayline 30 pocket Cabinet

Everyone could benefit from a little extra space, but finding it when you have a limit on square footage can be hard. Fortunately, in the modern workplace, you don't have to worry about it anymore! There are tons of great office accessories and products out there with fabulous storage capabilities to give you all the space you need. Products like desk pedestals are great for places tight on storage, especially if they are mobile. Wheels give things the ability to be rolled out of the way when not in use. If your home or office is tight on space, its best to build up instead of out. Vertical bookcases are extremely helpful and shelving keep things off of the floor to free up space. Additionally, things like vertical file cabinets are great for keeping files, books, binders or anything else that isn't regularly used out of the way, and locking features keep all the stuff safe from marauders! So, if you want your office to stay on the cutting edge, make sure you provide tons of storage to free up your space!
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