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3 Simple Ways to Get Comfortable at Work

Being comfortable at work is essential. If you spend your day out of sync, it's nearly impossible to be productive. Luckily, with all the modern products available for today's office you'll be a not shortage of ways to improve your efficiency. Enjoy this article highlighting the 3 most simple ways to get comfortable at work.

1.) Get Organized

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If you spend your week buried in cluttered office, it's easy to assume you're not that comfortable. A messy workspace is the perfect recipe for a disastrous business life. The good news is, getting organized really isn't that hard. It involves a little time, possibly a few not habits, and some cutting edge products to help you get the job done right.

The first step to getting an organized office involves removing the clutter from your space. Purge your lateral file cabinets of old and unused documents. This should clear up some valuable space to say the least! In most cases, you'll find yourself removing old receipts and coupons you thought you could never life without. This process can actually be rather comical! Next, set your aim towards your worksurface. The rule is, if it's not used at least twice a week there's a better spot for it. A well organized desk surface will provide you ample room to work. Get in the habit of clearing off the clutter everyday and you'll be much more comfortable throughout the week.

Lastly, explore ways to maximize your office square footage. While most feel confined in their office cubicles, there are ways to make your space feel much bigger. Try mounting overhead storage cabinets on your panel or office walls opposed to vertical file cabinets that take up floor space. If you have a window, use it! Natural light always makes a setting more comfortable. Remove those old post it notes and thumbtacks from your work space. Those things start to build up and make you feel like your sitting inside a Rolodex. In the long run, organizing your space is a must if you're looking to work at the highest levels of productivity. Take the few minutes per day to form some good habits and reap the rewards!

2.) Use Ergonomic Accessories

Ergonomic Office Space

2013 has brought with it some of the best ergonomic office accessories to use while working. While not every new product on the market is essential, there are 3 key items any office looking to maximize comfort must have.

If you're still operating with your keyboard tray sitting on your desk surface, you're truly missing out. Articulating and adjustable keyboard trays are available that retract underneath your desk surface to save you valuable space. In addition, trays are incredibly affordable and will improve the rate at which you type while taking pressure of your wrists while helping prevent carpel tunnel syndrome.

One of the hottest ergo trends is the use of dual screen monitor mounts in the workplace. The two monitor setup is proven to improve efficiency and the rate at which you work. No more flipping from tab to tab all day long! Simply click on a screen and drag it to the open monitor. This is a great feature for writers and anyone who spends ample time online. Looking to take it a step further?  No problem! Units that mount up to 8 screens are available and provide a high tech feel for those that have the space.

An often overlooked accessory that can really improve your office comfort is the CPU holder. The top ergonomic CPU holders for sale from brands like ESI ergonomic solutions provide a wide range of adjustment capabilities as well as a locking feature for added office security. A quality CPU holder will also retract and mount directly under your desk which provides increased leg space and reduces the risk of water damage. Perhaps the most understated benefit is the prevention of those pesky trips under the desk to plug things in! Simply rotate your computers power source and enjoy easy access that doesn't involve burrowing through old candy wrappers and bumping your head on the way out!

3.) Adjust Your Office Chair

Adjustable Office Chairs

One of the most simple ways to get comfortable at work is to adjust your chair. While the best ergonomic chairs for sale on the market today often adjust automatically to accommodate your back and body type, the average computer chairs you're probably using still offer valuable adjustment capabilities that will surely improve your day.

Common professional office chairs adjust in a variety of ways. Typically, chair features such as pneumatic height adjustment cylinder are standard on all office task chairs around $99 or more. This helpful tool will allow you to improve your posture in seconds while improving blood flow. Other common features include tilting adjustments which reduce back pain and prevent slouching along with adjustable chair arms to meet your preferred working style.

The all too sad part about those who purchase luxury office chairs for their space, is that they never fully take the time to learn how to properly utilize the chair. Meeting with an ergo expert or office products specialist in person or online will provide valuable insight as to how to get the most out of your office chair. If you've spend over $1000 on a chair, you should definitely know how to maximize it's potential to gain the biggest reward on your investment!
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