Friday, September 20, 2013

Best Office Chairs for Your Back

For anyone who has sat in an office or studio environment for any length of time, back pain is the absolute worst! Not only is it incredibly painful, especially while you're working, but it can become the cause of detrimental health concerns. According to WebMD, different types of back pain can lead to sciatica, arthritis, muscle and nerve problems, and even degenerative disc disease in the spine. Don't let this happen to you! If you're convinced its your office chair that's causing you so much trouble, don't hesitate to kick it to the curb! There are plenty of awesome office chairs out there that are specially designed to alleviate back pain and other back issues. Let them be your knights on shining wheel casters!

Ergonomic Chairs

OFM Verte Ergonomic Chair

One of the greatest chair types to help defeat back pain is the ergonomic chair type. In the office furniture industry, the term "ergonomic" is used to describe any class of furniture that has been extensively tested and designed to alleviate discomfort and improve workplace efficiency. While the term may be applied to desks, office accessories, and multi-user workstations, when its applied to office chairs, it can be loosely translated to "kiss back pain goodbye"! With any set of comfortable ergonomic office chairs, "kills back pain" is likely the first box that gets checked at the manufacturer before the chairs are shipped out since back pain is such a widespread problem. In fact, one of the chairs heralded as the most comfortable chair of all time is the RFM Verte Ergonomic Chair, adjusting to any movement made by the back. The good news about office chairs for sale is that nowadays there is usually an "ergonomic" version of any chair type so you can have a comfortable chair for just about any situation. In fact, all the chairs listed below are from the ergonomic subsection of their listed chair type.

Executive Chairs

RFM Verte Executive Chair

Executive chairs have long been identified as the creme de la creme of the office chair industry. Not only are they incredibly stylish, but they are always insanely comfortable. If back pain is an issue for you, just about any subset of stylish executive chairs is sure to do the job getting rid of it. However, there is an extra special category of ergonomic executive chairs that is already predesigned to send back pain packing! Some fabulous chairs for this category are the Eurotech Ergohuman High End Office Chair and the Verte Executive Chair by RFM Preferred Seating; sort of like the cousin to the RFM Verte Ergonomic chair listed under the above heading. Both chairs are incredibly comfortable and the perfect antidote to unhealthy seating. Just one sit in either of these beautiful chairs and you'll be hooked without a doubt. Let the back problems end and the relaxation begin!

Mesh Chairs

Wau High Back Mesh Office Chair by Eurotech

What could be worse than back pain? Well, anyone who's been stuck in an office environment where it always feels like the sun is hiding in one of the storage cabinets until everyone in the room melts knows what a pain a hot office can be. In the dog days of summer, AC bills can get pretty high, causing business owners everywhere to cut back on the cool air. Sweaty backs and back pain do not go together, no matter what the season. We believe you should never have to suffer through both, which is why we suggest breathable mesh back chairs to keep you cool! Mesh chairs are great for breathability, which is one of the reasons people sensitive to heat enjoy them so much. The holes in the fabric allow air to pass through more easily while the fabric's stretchy quality remains super supportive of the chair's occupant. A few examples of great ergonomic mesh chairs include the Concept 2.0 Modern Mesh Back Chair and the Wau High Back Mesh Office Chair by Eurotech for pleasant seating solutions.

Big and Tall Chairs

OFM Avenger Series Big and Tall Chair

Big and tall chairs are some of the best chairs for back pain relief because of their amazing support. These chairs shape themselves very easily to the body so that their occupants feel as if they fit wonderfully in the chairs. Not only do they bear weight supremely, but big and tall chairs also look incredibly stylish and regal in much the same way as executive chairs do. Ergonomic big and tall chairs are some of the best ergonomic chairs on the market, both superb in reducing back pain and remarkably comfortable. They are welcome in almost every business capacity, doubling easily as both conference chairs or even high quality computer chairs for employees or home business owners. If you are thinking about adding one of these eye-popping beauties to your office space, the Avenger Series Chair by OFM or the OFM ORO Big and Tall Conference Chair are great places to start!

Desk Chairs

Arti High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

If working at a desk is the cause of your back pain, there is no better way to remedy it than by getting nice ergonomic desk chairs to reduce the pain! In office environments, affordable desk chairs are typically a common site, but just because a desk chair is ergonomic doesn't mean you have to break the bank to get one. Actually, out of all these chair types, ergonomic task chairs are probably the best deal, with simple, chic looks underlying an exquisite design. These highly adjustable chairs do wonders for the back, and there is even category filled with mesh desk chairs to provide additional breathability should you require it! Both the Global Arti High Back Ergonomic Office Chair and the OFM ORO Designer Multi Task Chair are excellent modern desk chairs to have!
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