Monday, September 9, 2013

Cool Ways to Furnish Your Home Office

Whether your home is big, small, tall, or purple with pink polka dots, you should never have to settle for less with your home office! If you are thinking about adding one or updating your current home office with the latest in home furniture, don't let the fear of price tags keep your from giving yourself the best for all your hard work. There are plenty of affordable home office furniture items that no one should be without, and if you're confused about what to get, never fear! This article will tell you everything you need to know!

Home Office Desk

Mira Office Desk Configuration by Mayline

The first thing all home offices need to function properly are good office desks, but there's a lot of different kinds out there. Before you decide what to get, take some measurements of the space you plan to use so that you have an idea about how big or small your desk needs to be. From there, you can search until you find the perfect thing, although it probably won't take very long. The great thing about shopping for home office desks is that home office furniture manufacturers have made sure to include a lot of variety their selections. Be sure to search either affordable home computer desks and home executive desks for sale depending on the size of the office space you plan to work in. The names are usually a good indicator of desk size, with executive desks being larger and computer desks tending to be smaller. If you've already got a decor in mind, the finishes on stylish wood executive desks can go with just about anything. If you want a sleeker look to your space, the chrome accents cool modern office desks and the clean look of glass office desks are bound to catch a few eyes!

Home Office Chair

Bodyflex Ergonomic Office Chair by Eurotech Seating
No one wants to sit all day slouched over in a shabby old chair. Since you're already giving yourself an upgrade or a new home office, why not just go straight for the new, right? Don't worry, the price tag won't bite on this one. Just shop around a bit and you're bound to find great deals on leather, modern, vinyl, memory foam, massaging, and every chair in between! If you want the ultimate in comfort without having to pay the ultimate price, ergonomic office chairs are an amazing choice that no one ever regrets. These highly adjustable, comfortable office chairs were crafted after years of study on efficiency in the workplace, so they are perfectly suited to solve all your office chair needs, including the ones that prevent back pain. But ergonomic chairs aren't the only comfortable options out there. For a chair with built in temperature control, versatile mesh back chairs have great breathability, and for plush comfort, luxury executive chairs are tough to beat. All in all, whether you want the ritzy or the simple, desk chairs for the home office will always get the job done without breaking your bank.

Home Storage Products

Sorrento Sliding Door Bookcase by Mayline

Now, if you're gonna go through the process of adding a home office to your house, you're also going to need a place to store all your home office stuff. Things like pens, papers, magazines, files, folders, and three-hole punches can clutter up a space pretty quick if you can't find a space to put all of them. As moms everywhere know, the best way to deal with a mess is to prevent it, and the best way to prevent that home office tornado-look is to go ahead and get some home office storage products to clean up a room in advance! The best way to shop office storage configurations is to reconsider the size of your space. If you've got a small room, the smartest way to store things is by building up rather than out. Adding some sturdy office shelving or a few vertical file cabinets are great ways to accomplish this. If you've got a large room on the other hand, you'll probably want to choose a storage configuration that will take up some floor space, filling up the room and freeing up your walls for some artwork! If this is the case, toss in some bookcases or a few spacious storage cabinets to dress up the boring spots!

Home Office Accessories

Edge Wall Mount Monitor Arm by ESI

Just like any good outfit, no space should be without a few accessories. In home offices, this is especially important because accessories can often make the difference between a highly efficient office and an unproductive one. The amazing thing about office accessories is that they usually cost very, very little in comparison to other office furniture products, yet there are times when they can seem to do the most. Anyone whose ever spilled a cup of coffee near their computer or hard drive can tell you about the dreadful feeling that rises when it happens, but with CPU holders, you won't have to worry about a splash-crash ever again. These amazing accessories hold computer hard drives up off the ground by mounting to the underside of desks, freeing up leg room and preventing accidents before they even occur. If you find yourself leaning over the desk to type, you could be putting yourself at risk for major health problems that could be solved by simply adding sliding keyboard trays under your desk. These little beauties slide out to meet you in your chair rather than forcing you to hunch over, saving both your desk's surface space and your spine! If you're straining to see a computer screen, popular monitor arms mounted to walls or desks extend the length a computer screen can stretch to reach you while simultaneously freeing up desk space. Additionally, if you've got a lot of other accessories and no place to put them, office utility carts are the perfect thing. Able to act as file trucks, supply tables, and even printer stands, mobile office carts can be wheeled around and easily stowed away as needed!

Home Office for Students

Mayline Eastwinds Mobile Computer Desk

With all the homework kids get nowadays, its no wonder manufacturers are turning out school desks at lightning speed. For kids headed back to grade school, one of the best things a parent can provide them with is a place to work on their studies in peace while they're at home, but you don't have to spend a bundle either. There are tons of small computer desks for kids out there that fit easily into bedroom corners, and they look pretty stylin' too. The best part is that they won't cost a ton of money. Some are even collapsable, and can be stowed away under beds or behind dressers to save space when not in use. These same desks are particularly great for college students stuck in small dorm rooms. Additionally, simple desk chairs make wonderful student seating for your kid's mini home office. Not only do they look cool, but they're usually mobile, and some come complete with "nesting" features so they can fold up as needed too!
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