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How to Create the Perfect Lobby

Because lobbies are usually the first impression guests have of your business, its important that any visitors are blown away as soon as they walk in. You want your guests to know that you care about both them and your establishment, and there is no faster way to show them than with a cool, stylish lobby that reflects your business's ideals. It may seem like a daunting task to try and balance a customer's well-being with your company's, but believe us when we say its not as hard as you think! Here's a few great tips to help you design the perfect lobby!

Great Reception

Luminary Wood Reception Desk by Mayline

Its important that guests feel welcomed when they come into your establishment. No one likes to be brushed off as just another average Joe. In order to make your visitors feel welcomed, make sure your receptionists are considerate, approachable, helpful, and amiable. Give them every reason to be in good spirits with affordable ergonomic office chairs to sit in and inviting colors to look at. When your receptionists are bright and cheery, chances are the good vibes will rub off on your guests, making them less likely to become frustrated. But while having friendly employees is important, sometimes making sure your guests can find them is crucial. Give your guests the opportunity to reach a receptionist for help or information if they need to by keeping them behind stylish reception desks that are easy to see. Choosing rounded or curved reception desks for sale allows you the stylistic opportunity to face the desk almost any direction. They are elegant and easy to approach from all angles. But if you'd rather go with something a little more traditional such as rectangular desks or modern reception desks, know you'll never lack for class!

Stylish Decor

Pediatric Office Decor

What many amateur designers don't know about decorating is that its hard to keep spirits high when all you have to look at are drab, whitewashed walls. Its bad enough if your lobby has no windows to let in psychologically uplifting natural sunlight, but if your lobby is seriously lacking in stylish decor, you might as well neglect your guests altogether. Cheerful moods can quickly turn in both your employees and guests alike without a good stylish decor. When decorating, try to use complementary colors and monochromatic colors of varying hues in both your furniture and on your walls. Make sure that strong colors don't overpower one another and that they aren't clustered, but spaced around the room. White walls can look spectacular too as long as there's color in other parts of the room, in the contemporary lobby furniture for example. Be sure to take office lighting into account as any color you choose for your walls will appear different in shadowed and especially bright areas. Remember, if your room is radiant, so is everyone else!

Comfortable Seating

Mayline Santa Cruz Leather Lounge Furniture Set

In any lobby, waiting room, or reception area, keeping guests comfortable is an absolute must. Guests that aren't sufficiently cozy in their seats while they wait are prompted to get up and amble around the office. Not only is this scenario awkward for everyone, guests, employees, and managers alike, but this situation is especially embarrassing for the business. If guests feel the urge to walk around the room because the seats are uncomfortable, it shows that the establishment hasn't put all they could into customer satisfaction. Additionally, guests that feel the effects of waiting in uncomfortable seats are likely to complain or give bad reviews. Even if nothing else can be put in, keeping comfortable lounge furniture is the one thing every lobby absolutely cannot be without. If you don't have a lot to spend, the good news is that there are plenty of versatile guest chairs and beam seating solutions that can both save you money and space in the room! For something a little more sumptuous, try checking out lobby seating options in the form of luxury lounge chairs  in both leather and fabric as well as plush sofas for extra comfort. Not too comfortable in your interior designing capabilities? No worries! Considerate furniture manufacturers have already pre-picked optimal furniture for you. Just check out some popular lounge furniture sets and your lobby's furniture can instantly match itself and any existing decor to boot!

Refreshments and Entertainment

Black Glass Futura TV Stand by Calico Designs

To truly show that you care about your guests' experience, the best way to show your compassion is in the way you cater to them. Keep your guests pleased with your workplace by providing light refreshments and plenty of entertainment for them. It doesn't really require much to please a guest in this regard. Oftentimes, nothing more than a simple water cooler is enough for most people to feel cared for by a business. Keeping magazine stands stocked with exciting reading material such as popular magazines or information about your business can help keep guests occupied and less likely to complain about long wait times on especially slow days. When decorating, try to include some cool accents such as fancy pillows on the sofas, artwork, or even a fish tank for people to look at while they wait. One entertainment option that has become all the rage are flatscreen TV mounts to support a television system. These mounts make wonderful additions to modern waiting room furniture and reception area furniture because they hang on the walls, out of the way. They can run popular programming, promote your business, or play DVDs. Dentists and doctors have already found them incredibly useful to occupy patients while they are examined. Who knows? Perhaps including one in your workplace lobby is just the extra touch you need!

The Importance of Tables

Sorrento Series Oval Coffee Table by Mayline

So, all is good now! Your guests have their beverages and their TV and their reading materials, everything they need to feel pampered by your lobby, right? Wrong! While entertainment for guests can do wonders for a company's reputation, it can get pretty awkward when visitors don't have any place to set all their stuff. Just think about it, drinks set on floors can be forgotten or kicked over making a huge mess. Pamphlets and magazines set on the ground leave a place looking cluttered and unsanitary. Don't give that impression when you don't have to! The solution is more simple than you might think. Just don't forget to include some cool lobby tables when you're designing! Take your pick of the lot from elegant coffee tables and discount end tables for your rooms. Almost anything that would look great in someone's living room is fair game for a lobby. The familiar furniture adds a certain sense of homey comfort that puts guests instantly at ease!
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