Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Modern Office Desks for Tight Spaces

For people with small offices in bedrooms, apartments, buildings, and dorm rooms, trying to get work done can be a huge ordeal. Whether you're trying to write an essay, work on a project, or just surf the web, tight spaces are well known for making everything a lot more difficult. Many people feel like they might have to knock out a wall just to get things done. Not so! While large office desks can support a lot more stuff, small office desks are often just as good. If you're office is cramped on space, checking out a few of these space-efficient desks may be your answer!

Mayline Eastwinds Home Computer Desk
First on our list of space-efficient desks is a desk that manages to maintain the perfect balance of conventional necessity and small stature for those who need it. The Eastwinds Home Computer Desk by Mayline is a spectacular desk for both home and office use because of its sophisticated modern style and compact frame. You even get to pick from two stylish finish options to better match existing decor! Choosing desks like this from stylish computer desks for sale is always a great move for people with small office spaces. These small contemporary office desks can fit easily into corners or against walls to leave the rest of the room free for other things. With this desk and other's like it, you will never lack for function or style!

Verde Modern Table Desk by Cherryman
But say you need something even more fancy. Sometimes, desks like the one above, while beautiful,  just can't cut it for business executives. People with lots of prestige in their field often need a desk to reflect that, but being caught in a tight space can sometimes take a bite out of your dreams. Or... at least that's been the case in the past. The good news for all those small office executives out there is that the modern age had brought with it some modern executive desks to go with it. For bigwigs short on square footage, cool modern office desks like the Verde Modern Table Desk by Cherryman  or the Stella Small Veneer Desk by Mayline are the perfect answers! These smallish executive desks support tons of charisma in a much more space-friendly package!

OFM Rize Cubicle Workstation
What do you do when you have too many desks though? Sometimes a very common problem in many workplaces stems from the fact that there are simply so many individuals each with their own desk. Well, we can promise you that there is a simple solution to this matter. Often, the best way to solve the problem of too many small office desks is to just get one big one! That's right, modular multi user workstations a few awesome cubicles can save a ton of space. By grouping all the stations into little islands, you create a scenario where multiple individuals can work comfortably in a compact space. Units like the OFM Rize Single Cubicle Workstation can be added together for efficient use of space and they can be removed and stowed away according fluctuating business activity. Other units like the Mayline e5 Cubicle Workstation Configuration also make clever use of workspace by grouping four individual desks into a single modular unit. All of these modular workstations are easy to power and support, just make sure your co-workers get along before you get one!

Eastwinds Adjustable Sit or Standing DeskDon't worry, we didn't forget about you college kids! Actually, as a matter of fact, the same desks that are perfect for dorm rooms are also amazing fits for apartments and bedrooms for those who wish to keep workspaces close by. Desks like the Eastwinds Adjustable Sit or Standing Desk are wonderful ways to get work done efficiently because they can even be organized so that you can work at the desk standing up. These desks in particular are especially favored by schools and doctor's offices for this very reason. Another great option includes the E-Series Varitask Ergonomic Desk by Mayline for anyone who needs a small place to surf the web from. Any of Mayline's Veritask desks are compact and stylishly designed so that they fit easily into corners to save room. In the world of versatile office furniture, the category of affordable student desks has seen a huge spike in popularity. Make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity!

Calico Designs Jameson LS Work CenterFinally, we leave you with the creme de la cool from the world of sleek glass office desks for sale! No matter where you work or what your situation, the Jameson LS Work Center by Calico Designs will certainly lift your spirits. This relatively small glass office desk is made to brighten up the corners of a room, effectively taking everyone's eyes off of a room's lack of space by staying out of the way of everything. With the addition of unique corner office desks like this, you will always have room to spare, and the see-through glass tops remain unintrusive to the eyes so a room always looks clean and bare, no matter the size! With this desk and other like it from amazing brands like Mayline Furniture and Global Total Office, your biggest challenge will be finding ergonomic office seating  cool enough to match its incredible style!
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