Monday, October 28, 2013

Solving 5 Common Office Aches with Ergonomic Seating

Pain is exactly what it sounds like: a pain. Not only does it hurt, its also distracting, which is why aches in the office can seriously cost you in both your health and your pocketbook when you can't get your work done. But did you know that most common office pains are a direct result from your seating solutions? Thats right! Many office aches can be greatly reduced and even prevented altogether just by switching from a conventional office chair to an ergonomic one. Ergonomic furniture is designed to improve efficiency and add comfort at the same time. If you're being slowed down at work by your office furniture, ergonomics might be your solution!

Knee Pain

Global Vion Weight Sensing Office Chair

Now, you may be wondering how an ergonomic chair can relieve knee pain. Both conventional chairs and ergonomic ones seem to have the same basic look to them. How could there truly be that much of a difference with regard to knee pain, right? You couldn't be more wrong. Actually, the secret to knee joint relief from ergonomic chairs lies in the seat. Most ergonomic chairs feature molded waterfall seats which gently slope down at the edge to increase blood flow to the legs, reducing knee pain, but that isn't the only cool feature about ergonomic chair seats. In fact, many ergonomic chairs also feature memory foam or molded foam seats for added comfort. Chairs like the Vion Weight Sensing Chair by Global also allow adjustment of the seat's depth for maximum support. Nearly all ergonomic office chairs come equipped with either pneumatic or gas lift seats for optimal height adjustment. Who knew so much tech could exist in just the seats?

Joint Pain

ORO Multi Task Chair with Tablet by OFM

One problem common to office workers as well as the elderly and arthritic is joint pain, particularly of the arms, ankles, and hands. While ankle pain can find relief for the same reasons as knee pain listed above, you may be wondering how your office chair could have a significant effect on your arms and hands. Well, the answer is fairly simple actually. While many office chairs come equipped with armrests, ergonomic office chairs come with a special variety. The armrests of most ergonomic chairs, unlike a conventional chair's armrests, are often highly adjustable. Most joint pain in the hands and fingers is likely due to decreased blood flow when typing. Small keyboards and excessive typing on a smartphone or iPad can aggravate joint pain in the hands. If you're leaning over your desk to type, it could be a strain on both your arms and your back. Consider adding a retractable keyboard mount under your desk, or better yet, make full use of ergonomic office chairs by purchasing one that comes complete with an adjustable tablet connected to the arms, such as the ORO Multi Task Chair with Tablet by OFM. This way, you can relieve stress on your elbows by resting them on the armrests, end back pain by ending your need to lean over the desk, and end hand and finger pains by typing on the right size keyboard, at the right height and right length away from yourself for optimized comfort and efficiency!

Neck Pain

Obsuforme Ergonomic Chair by Global

Neck pain can be caused by many things. Existing back pain, leaning over a keyboard, refusing to rest the neck, and having nothing to rest the neck on are all potential contributors to neck pain at the office. The good news for you is that ergonomic chairs can help solve this too! Because most ergonomic chairs are designed especially to relieve back pain, if your neck aches are caused by it, the chair will likely take care of that too. If your neck pain is caused by leaning over a keyboard or straining to see your computer screen, a retractable keyboard tray, ergonomic computer mount, or ergonomic chair with a tablet attachment can also help relieve your pain. However, if your neck pain comes from a lack of rest, never fear, ergonomics can solve that too! Chairs like the Obsuforme Ergonomic Chair by Global incorporate technology that helps curve to the natural shape of your spine, so it not only is good for your back, but also your neck. Many ergonomic chairs like this one also incorporate an adjustable neck rest so that you can change its position to meet your unique comfort needs.

Back Pain

Perhaps the most common effective solution to pain relief reached by nearly all desk, task, lounge, and executive chairs with ergonomics is that of back pain. Back pain is so common among artists and office workers that the very study of ergonomics with regard to chairs was primarily founded on pursuit of back pain relief. As a result, nearly all ergonomic office chairs provide some technological solution for relieving back aches. Whether that solution lies in the shape of the chair, a high tech adjustable back rest, or in a special upholstery designed to cradle and support the back, it depends on the chair but the possibilities are endless. Its extremely difficult to find an ergonomic chair that doesn't attempt to solve this problem. No matter what causes your pain, the good news for you is that nearly all ergonomic office chairs ease back pain, so you never have to worry about being uncomfortable as long as you shop for the appropriate chair for yourself!

Uncomfortable Tempreture

Wau Office Chair by Eurotech

One of the most common office problems that is addressed the least is general discomfort. Maybe you don't really have any pains per say, but being too hot when you're working can be a pain all its own. Sweating can be an embarrassing problem because it usually shows up on your clothes. Having to converse with co-workers or (heaven forbid) your boss when your shirt has sweat stains just makes everything more awkward than it already is, which everyone knows is awkward enough. For people who work in warm climates or in offices where the thermostat never seems to fall below eighty degrees, this is a real and ever present problem. Not only is discomfort caused by temperature annoying, it is also terribly distracting, but no worries! Ergonomics has solved this one too with the invention of ergonomic mech chairs. Choosing mesh back chairs for office use can be one of the best decisions you make if your office climate is too warm for you because the mesh fabric increases air flow to the sitter. These chairs can come in all shapes and sizes, but for the sweaty office worker, ergonomic mesh chairs with breathability come as a sweet relief.
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