Wednesday, November 27, 2013

10 Great Office Gift Ideas for Your Boss

Finding suitable gifts for a boss may seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but in reality, it's really much easier than most people think. Choosing a great gift for your boss depends on the same things that choosing a gift for someone else does, namely, how well you know them. If you're not sure what to get for your boss, try taking the time to find out what sorts of things he or she is interested in. If you're still stuck, don't worry! We've got tons of amazing gift ideas that your boss is sure to love, whether you know them well or not!

1. Sweet Treats


Everybody loves sweets, even bosses. Its hard to go wrong with a glass jar of your boss's favorite candy for a yummy gift that he can keep on his desk to snack on while at work. However, if you'd like to go the extra mile, baking some delicious cookies or other delectable pastry yourself will show that you've put time and energy into the gift. Just be sure it looks and tastes good!

2. Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

Everyone appreciates a good coffee mug or thermos. If your boss is fonder of tea or some other beverage, buy something that fits what what they like. But remember, if you're going to spend money on this gift for your boss, do your research and make sure the coffee mug or thermos you get is top quality. You don't want to be remembered at the employee who bought the terrible thermos that leaks hot coffee all over the place!

3. Go Green

Desk Plants

Plants are often given as gifts in many cultures for all sorts of occasions. If you know your boss's birthday, chances are there's a flower for it. Do some research online an buy a bouquet of her favorite flower or her birthday flower. Or better yet, buy a nice, easy-to-take care of potted plant to decorate her desk with. Dracaenas, peace lilies, and cacti are beautiful, easy to care for, and the first two even reduce air pollutants!

4. Event Tickets


If your boss is a fan of a particular sports team, movie series, or opera house, go ahead and buy them a few tickets to that event. Be sure to buy more than one so he or she can take some buddies along with them. If you don't really know your boss's interests, just buy a substantial gift certificate to a fancy restaurant so they can enjoy a nice dinner out with their significant other!

5. Personalized Gift

Fancy Pens

Anything with your boss's name engraved on it shows that you put time into getting the gift for them. Things like fancy pens, coffee machines, phones, or watches make great gifts for elderly bosses, especially if you take the time to get them engraved. However, if you'd rather not go the traditional route, take the time to really research what your boss enjoys and buy them something for their favorite hobby or something to touch their heart. 

6. Office Accessories

RFM Verte Executive Chair

If you work in an office, its hard to go wrong with the office theme as a gift idea. There are always ways to improve an office space. If you're hard pressed to find a gift for your boss, things like fancy digital clocks, computer monitor arms with ergonomic design, desk toys to relieve stress, or silver gift pens will undoubtedly improve your boss's work experience, and perhaps your own as well! 

7. New Office Chair

RFM Verte Executive Chair

Office chairs can be a source of major discomfort if they aren't top-notch. If you want to really go all out for your boss, buying nice ergonomic office chairs for executive use can be a great way to show your appreciation for them. Chairs like the 22111 Verte Executive Chair by RFM are hailed as the most most comfortable office chairs in existence. These ergonomic chairs are always comfortable, designed to relieve pain and increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. They make hard gifts to beat for a boss!

8. New Furniture

Alba Conference Table by Global

Is your boss thinking of re-designing the office? Why not pitch in with a gift to help her out? Buying a cool new conference table may sound like a lot, but it may just be the inspiration she needs to get decorating. Tables like the GEL8WSTM Alba Conference Table by Global exude fabulous modern style that easily matches any workplace. 

9. Couch Potato

Power Rest Recliner by OFM

Even if it doesn't seem like it, your boss probably likes to relax at the end of the day just like everyone else. If you really want to wow your boss, buying comfortable recliners with leather upholstery will definitely show him he's appreciated. Do your best to remember his house decor from the last Christmas party he held so you don't buy anything that might clash though.

10. High Tech

Computer Chip

Everybody loves tech these days. If you're ever confused about a great gift to stun your boss, buying something shiny and computer-ish will definitely do the trick! Find out if your boss prefers Microsoft or Apple and then buy him a bunch of great computer accessories like USB cables, wall chargers, external hard drives, or maybe even a tiny affordable laptop. If you can't find out what sort of system he uses, things like the CPU05 CPU Holder by ESI make convenient high-tech gifts no matter what computer he has!
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