Wednesday, November 13, 2013

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a New Office Desk

Adding a stylish new office desk to any room can be a fun experience. Choosing the finish and the colors on the chair to match the room, and deciding where the desk could go gives many people the opportunity to use their creative side by playing interior designer. Unfortunately, while office decorating can be tons of fun, often the biggest mistake people can make is not hiring a professional to choose and install their desks. Amateurs often have a tendency to make the mistakes that people like interior designers have had drilled out of them through years and years of practice and repetition, but you don't have to fall victim too. Here are some helpful mistakes to avoid when purchasing a new office desk!

Don't Forget to Measure

Tape Measure

Perhaps the biggest mistake any decorator can make is forgetting to measure. Inaccurate measurements can be disastrous letdowns, since most people typically don't find out their measurements were off until after their office desk arrives and is painstakingly assembled. The best way to avoid this is through careful reading of desk features and measurements. Once you've decided where to put your office desk, either in a home or business environment, use a tape measure or an electronic measuring tool to take account of the length of each wall that the desk could potentially touch. Never, ever forget to take into account how power outlets, doors, and windows function in the space so that you're aware of how the new piece of furniture may effect the room. Its never a bad idea to measure and sketch out the entire room on a piece of graph paper, making notes of where all the other furniture, doors, windows, and power outlets are and marking them to scale. Finally, read through all of the measurements of the desk you want to buy, including the measurements of its drawers and other extendable features. On another piece of graph paper, draw the desk to the same scale you used for the bedroom, then cut it out and see if it will fit in the space you want. Don't forget to leave a bit of extra space for yourself and the office chair.

Take Advantage of Deals


It's no secret that office desks can get expensive. Many executive desks for home and business use can easily exceed two-thousand dollars if you aren't careful. However, there are plenty of office desks at affordable prices available if you look for them in the right places, and looking in the right places begins by looking for coupons. Any office furniture retailer that cares about its customers will always have coupons floating around or sales going on, particularly on holidays. Never pay full price when you don't have to. Instead, wait around until for a holiday before you hit the internet to look for coupons and sales. While the best times to shop for office desks are usually around the bigger holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the big December days, it's still possible to find a few good sales and coupons on Mother's Day, Father's Day, Veteran's Day, and the Fourth of July. With all the deals going on, there's no excuse for mission out on all the goods when shopping for new office desks!

Don't Pay for Shipping

Free Shipping

Don't ever pay for shipping when shopping for a new office desk. Even if the prices look lower on some websites, if it doesn't say "free shipping," know that you will definitely pay more than the difference if you buy from them. Most office furniture sites carry furniture from all the reputable names. Choosing affordable office furniture from top brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, or Global Total Office will ensure that your office desk is of the highest quality, since these some of the best office desk manufacturers out there today. Just the same, you should never have to pay the manufacturer's list price when buying quality furniture for office use. As we've said, office furniture can get expensive. Be sure to shop around a bit before buying. If you find a desk that you just can't live without on one website, write down its product code, then open a new tab and search for it to see if another site offers a larger discount with free shipping included. Not only will you have your dream desk, but your smart shopping may also leave you with enough money to buy a matching office chair as well!
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