Monday, November 18, 2013

5 Great Office Party Ideas for November

Here's a few fun tidbits to amuse your co-workers with: Did you know that January is actually National Bath Safety Month? Or that August 2nd is National Mustard Day? Its true! Most people live their whole lives without ever knowing that nearly every day of every month is some sort of strange holiday. In fact, November is one of the weirdest months of them all, being both Peanut Butter Lovers Month and National Sleep Comfort Month. Its also filled with a ton of weird holidays like King Tut Day, Look for Circles Day, and even Have a Party With Your Bear Day! With all the great fun stuff going on, why not throw a party at the office to celebrate it all? Here's a few wacky holiday party ideas to spice up your November at work!

Fall Festival

Fall Festival

An oldie but a goodie, nothing quite says "Fall" like a Fall Festival. While it may not be nearly as wacky as Have a Party With Your Bear Day, fall festivals are something just about everyone can get involved with and loves to enjoy. Because of the pumpkins, the hay, the colors, and associations with the harvest, November is the perfect time for one of these Autumn-Themed festivals. The best part about it is that it doesn't have to occur on any specific day. All of November suits the theme. If you want to liven up your November and bring the co-workers together before the holidays, cook up some apple cider and gingersnaps and get everyone together after work for a bit of down time after a hard day. You may even decide to take festival to the max by setting up booths, games, and hay rides available to the public. Not only will you bring joy to a lot of faces, you'll also boost the prestige and likability or your company!

Wild West Party

Now here's an interesting holiday! You may never have noticed, but November 29th is actually Square Dance Day in the U.S. (If you don't believe us, just check out and see for yourself!) Still popular in many rural areas of the western and southern United States, this variation of the traditional step dance was brought to America by English, Irish, and Scottish settlers early in our history. Because of its associations, Square Dance Day is the best day out there to host a Western-themed party. If you want to liven things up in your workplace, send out a notice and wait for November 29th, then grab your cowboy hats, banjos, and old western movies, for a day of rootin' tootin' good fun. We know how corny it sounds, but believe us when we say that its a day no one at the office will soon forget, so grab a co-worker and "dosey do" (its great exercise too)!

Absurdity Day Party

Absurdity Day

Always occurring on November 20th, this wacky holiday is all about just what it sounds like: absurdity. The best part about this crazy holiday is that it doesn't really require an actual event or a party. All you have to do is send out a notice to the whole office notifying them that everyone is allowed to participate in this month's Absurdity Day. Giving the office an excuse to wear silly hats and those funny glasses with the mustaches will show both your workplace and the community that your business has a fun side. In addition, everyone will undoubtedly share a few laughs and grow tighter as a team. Absurdity Day is the perfect time to let loose and play a few harmless pranks on one another. Not only will it keep things fun, but it also keeps everyone on their toes!

National Sandwich Day Party

Sandwich Day

There's no getting around the truth, the vast majority of us associate November with food. Why not celebrate Thanksgiving a little early on November 3rd for National Sandwich Day? This holiday is super great, easy holiday to celebrate at work. Instead of planning some big shin-dig where everyone needs to stay after work, just ask anyone who wants to participate to bring in some cold cuts, cheese, chips, and condiments for a simple communal lunch at work. If you're willing to ask around, some co-workers may even have a panini press or two that they're willing to contribute to the mini-party. Just set up a few affordable folding tables for event use or make due with the large tables for conference room use your workplace might already have, and turn typical lunchtime into a fun-filled event!

Thanksgiving Pot Luck


Even though November is riddled with a whole bunch of fun, crazy holidays, there's no denying that Thanksgiving is the pride and joy of this month. This holiday is all about coming together as a community to give thanks for the things we've got. What better way to celebrate this idea than with the people you work with? Of course, most workplaces close down for this big holiday, but since you're going to have to return to work anyway, go ahead and get rid of the Thanksgiving leftovers before they go bad with a Thanksgiving pot luck at work! Notify everyone in the office of the party and have them stow away the goodies in the break room until the end of the day. Then, set everything up on a few of the office tables for break room use and get everyone out up of their task chairs for office applications in order to enjoy each other's time. If there's enough leftovers, invite your co-workers to bring their families along to give thanks too!
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