Friday, November 1, 2013

High Tech Office Desks of the Future

Wthe high tech gadgets out nowadays, businesses are ever more dependent on technology. When on the lookout for a new office desk, it may seem difficult to find something with a cool modern design that can compliment and accommodate the technological advances we've come to rely on. But you don't have to worry anymore! Office furniture manufacturers are hipping up to the tech needs of the modern workplace and have started producing some hugely advanced office desks that just might put your smartphone to shame. Here's some of the new office desks with innovative designs bring your office into the new age!

Executive Desks

Napolu Modular Executive Desk by Mayline

If you've been considering re-doing your office with a cool modern look, you're in for a real treat! In the past couple years, manufacturers have come out with a host of amazing executive desks with modern design to impress anyone that comes into the workplace. Desks such as the Napoli Modular Executive Desk by Mayline and many of the desks from Cherryman's Verde Collection feature rich wood finishes accented by chrome and glass. Any of these incredible desks are sure to provide a sophisticated look that perfectly showcases the progressive mindset of your workplace. Additionally, most of these desks can also improve efficiency. Desks that have a "modular" layout are specially configured so that everything their users may need is within arm's reach. This cuts time spent on running for supplies and searching for things throughout the office, improving the efficiency of your workspace and increasing productivity!

Home Office Desks

e5 Office Desk Typical by Mayline

On the lookout for a new desk for your home office? Any of the desks from Mayline's e5 collection will provide current style that would make a great addition to any home workspace. These desks were designed with many the neat modern conveniences that help offices to run as efficiently as possible. The desks in the e5 collection are super easy to power, specify, reconfigure, install, and greatest of all, afford! That's right, these desks provide wonderful services for their price tags so that you can get your money's worth. However, if you're looking for something a bit more comfortable for your home environment, nothing brings more modern convenience than a lounge workstation. These work areas provide all the comfort of stylish lounge furniture and basically just add a technological element such as a wraparound desk that can support a computer. Desks like these are comfortable and convenient, perfect for a home or bedroom office!

Computer Desks

Jameson LS Executive Work Center by Calico Designs

Most people love computer desks for their compact convenience. Not only can they fit into almost any space, but they're easy to use and provide a great work space over a small surface area. However, the new age has brought the best out of these little desks and propelled them into the spotlight of the future. If you think you may wont to incorporate some nice modern office desks for computer use into your workspace, why not check out a few desks by Calico Designs. This brand has made a name for themselves in the production of stylish glass desks with modern design that make any office look sharp!  Additionally, desks such as the EXODesk by ExoPC and ViewSonic are specially made for computer use so your office can stay on the cutting edge of technology!

Multi User Workstations

e5  Custo Office Cubicle Workstation by Mayline

Any workplace with a ton of employees knows that things can get crowded fast. A lot of people usually means a lot of office desks that can sometimes make it hard to keep a workplace looking clean and professional. Don't let such a simple problem take a toll on your business's image. Instead, consider incorporating multi user workstations with ergonomic design into your workplace. As we've addressed, any office desk with a "modular" label has had a ton of thought drawn into its design. Not only do modern desks help to increase productivity, but a multi user workstation makes much more efficient use of your space by being easy to power, highly functional, and keeping workers comfortable, yet close together. While a single multi user workstation may be bigger than your average office desk, it certainly looks much cleaner than a group of office desks cluttering up a room. If you've got a crowded office, these desks are sure to feature all the technological advances you need as well as a chic state-of-the-art look!

Tech Desks

MWE Emperor 200

Love technology? Then you'll love the super advanced office desks soon to come out from Mayline. These ergonomic desks increase office efficiency by using electronic features that help increase your office's tech capabilities by allowing users to adjust the height of the desks. Another desk that takes office efficiency to the max is MWE Emperor 200. This desk looks like something straight out of Star Trek and is certainly worthy of the bridge of the Enterprise. It features a comfortable leather seat situated behind three large computer screens for maximum technological output. And for those of you who are Apple fans, check out the new iDesk! Designed by Adam Benton, this desk features an entirely touch screen surface that can be synced up with a Mac through iCloud. With any of these cool high tech desks, your office is sure to showcase the future before it even gets here!
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