Monday, November 25, 2013

Simple and Easy Tips On How to Keep the Office Clean

It's no secret that offices can get dirty fast, especially around this time of year when companies are pressed for sales. With everyone working hard or hardly woking, papers can fly, desks can get dirty, and if nobody takes the time to sanitize, the whole workplace may end up with a cold. No one likes it, so why endure it all if you don't have to? Practicing cleanliness on both an individual and a group basis can help you better prepare for the holiday season so your workplace can get the sales without getting the bugs. It only takes 21 days to start a habit, and there's no better time than now! Here's some great cleanliness tips to help you get started:

Be Clean By Yourself

Clean Person

Proper cleanliness starts at the individual level. If you want to avoid the runny November nose, start by staying clean on your own. Watch where your food falls during meal times and clean it up right away. Constantly sanitize your office desk, especially things that you or others may touch frequently, like computer keyboards. Tidy up your office space as you go. Instead of waiting until the end of the day or the end of the week to sort through papers, sort through them on the spot. Have designated areas for papers you might end up using later, and toss the ones you know you'll never need again. This kind of meticulous organization not only forces a clean lifestyle, it also increases productivity and efficiency at work. However, while all of these tips are helpful, you must maintain the most important one of all to keep from getting sick - wash you hands constantly!

Be Clean With Others

Clean Group

Individual cleanliness is useful, but it doesn't do very much in a public environment unless everyone practices it. That's why keeping clean with others is so important. Group cleanliness will not only give a good impression of your business, but it also increases workplace efficiency and productivity exponentially! Think about it: cleanliness means organization which keeps important things from getting lost, jumbled, or cluttered, and sanitation keeps people from getting sick so they spend more time working. If you want to improve the cleanliness of your office, start by emphasizing group clean ups. Assign everyone a job and a space to clean with a group of co-workers at the end of the day. This technique is already used in schools in many Asian countries in order to teach responsibility and cooperation. When everyone works together, it works like a charm!

Hire a Cleaning Crew

Cleaning Crew Supplies

If your workplace is too big and to bustling to effectively emphasize group cleaning, there is a great alternative. With cleaning crews, the only thing your workplace will have to emphasize is organization. The job of a cleaning crew is not to know what papers go where, but to sanitize, and they usually do a spectacular job of it. Both employees and customers will benefit from an organized and sanitized environment because the clean look gives a good impression of your business, while the cleaned surfaces prevent the spread of sickness.

Don't Eat at the Office Desk

Don't eat at office desk

Eating at the office desk can cause all sorts of problems where cleanliness is concerned. Repeated use of retractable keyboard trays for office use is dangerous enough without degenerating food particles festering between the keys. When food particles are lying around it can attract pests in the night, including bugs and rats that carry disease and spread germs even further. The good news is that if you and your coworkers clean your desks regularly and refuse to eat at them, the bugs will have no reason to show up. In addition, you also prevent the spread of germs from sharing computer keyboards. Finally, the greatest byproduct of microbial cleanliness is that, with all the intense sanitation, everyone can see your beautiful computer desks with modern design, rather than leaving them hidden under piles of papers!

Efficient Office Layout

Brighton Executive Workstation by Mayline

You may never realize it, but the layout of your workplace actually has a lot to do with how your workplace functions. Inefficient placement of furniture can hamper workplace productivity and have a negative impact on the way your workplace looks and is perceived by guests. In this case, the best remedy to promote effectiveness and cleanliness is to change things up! When you've got a lot of employees, keeping them trapped in a field of cubicles or jumbled together at islands of office desks just looks cluttered. Instead, improve the efficiency of your workplace by adding stylish workstations for multiple users, so that they can work closely, yet comfortably. Multi user workstations are efficient, easy-to-power, modular, and often ergonomic. In addition, choosing comfortable ergonomic chairs for desk use can improve the way employees feel, leaving them with more energy and increased work ethic. With a more efficient office, it's much easier to keep things clean and functioning properly. Don't risk losing sales or employees to the dreaded cold season. Just keep things clean, and reap all the benefits!
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