Monday, November 4, 2013

Weird Office Chairs That Work

Have you ever been perusing a department store or a catalog and come across something you never expected to see? Sometimes, the products being offered never look like they'd do the job they're supposed to. The same can definitely said for some of the recent additions to the world of office chairs. Seeing some of these crazy seating solutions, you may find yourself asking "how in the world is that a chair?" Well, it may sound weird, but these are actual office chairs, and not only that, they totally work! If you're looking for something to catch attention for your workplace, take a gander at some of these quirky chairs and see if you'd want to add them to your office. They'll definitely draw some looks!

Eurotech Chakra Chair

Green Chakra Office Chair by Eurotech

Okay, so clearly this chair is something totally new. It almost looks more like an exotic flower than an office chair, but believe it or not, it really works! The design may appear strange at first, but actually this chair features an open zoomorphic structure designed to help support the energy centers of the body. This chair is based on the well-established medical view that the body harbors energy centers called "chakras". You may have heard this word before in popular cartoons or foreign movies, but its actually based on a real science that comes from ancient India. If you're still skeptical about the "chakra" theory, it may help convince you to know that medical science is actually very accepting of it. Chiropractors and acupuncture specialists often undergo intense training in order to become intimately familiar with the body's chakra points so that they help their patients as best they can. This chair makes use of that ancient medical knowledge and works by supporting the body's pressure, or "chakra", points so that the rest of the body feels free of tension helping the user to experience superior comfort!

Swopper Stool

Via Seating Leather Swopper Stool

Bet you've never seen a stool quite like this one before. Like the chakra chair, this office stool takes strange looks to the max, but again, like the chakra chair, it functions wonderfully! The Leather Swopper Stool by Via Seating has actually won three separate awards for its incredible comfort and innovative design. Developed by an osteopath especially for people for low back pain, this stool is designed to help improve stabilization of the spine. Its ergonomic design helps to relieve pain, strengthen muscles, improve circulation and lymphatic flow, and increase the nourishment received by the inter-vertebral disc. As if that weren't enough, the fun structure of this stool also makes it a delight to sit on. Use it as a stool or a task chair for a fun seating solution that's sure to turn a few heads!

RFM Verte Ergonomic Chair

RFM Verte Ergonomic Chair

This chair, as bizarre as it may seem to look at, is actually hailed as one of the most comfortable ergonomic office chairs available today. The RFM Verte is a chair that features a unique design that molds itself to the human vertebrae for optimal back comfort. While most ergonomic office chairs relieve pain, this chair takes it to a whole new level. After nearly ten years of study and innovation under a team of ergonomists and engineers, this chair brings new ergonomic advancements unmatched by other office chairs. It features spring loaded joints that mold to your spine's shape and can be locked in a preferred position if desired. Additionally, the chair also includes a seat slider, a headrest, and a comfortable air knit upholstery. If comfort is your game, this weird office chair is definitely your soul mate!

Wau High Back Office Chair

Wau High Back Office Chair by Eurotech

This high tech chair certainly has a strange look to it, but it has actually become a popular favorite among affordable office chairs nowadays. The Wau High Back Office Chair by Eurotech looks like something out of a sci-fi flick, and with its fancy ergonomic structure, it likely could be found on a spaceship. It features tilt tension control for adjustable comfort as well as an ergonomic waterfall seat to improve circulation and relieve joint pain. It even includes a synchro-tilt and locks so that once adjusted, this chair can keep its position as optimized by the user (try telling us that's not high tech!) The Wau office chair comes in three different color combinations for increased variety. Its one of the few pieces of furniture for home office use that can be used in multiple office environments, from executive use, to desk use, to tasking purposes. With such amazing benefits and a breathable mesh back to improve comfort, don't be surprised if aliens make a visit to your workplace looking to abduct this incredible chair.

Beam Seating

OFM Net Series Beam Seating Configuration

Finally, we leave you with the weirdest of the weird of contemporary furniture for lobbies and reception areas. Beam seating is a relatively new trend that has been sweeping the nation, and beam seating solutions like the Net Series Beam Seating Configurations by OFM have become extremely popular. These chairs feature a fun modern design and are available in vibrant colors that are sure to capture the attention of your office guests. They make great additions to waiting rooms, reception areas, and lobbies, particularly those that host children. Beam seating often provides built in end tables for convenience. They are also available in numerous configurations that can be specified to the manufacturer so that buyers can choose the seating configurations that are the most appropriate for their guest room layouts. What most people don't realize about these chairs is that beam seating solutions save space and is also easy to clean under. The Net Series by OFM is Greenguard Certified, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and easy to assemble!
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