Monday, December 2, 2013

How to Bargain Shop for Office Furniture Online

New Office FurnitureEveryone loves a good deal and when it comes furniture there's no exception. While it's recommended that businesses update their furniture once every 5 years, not all have the budget to do so. Let's be honest here, purchasing new office furniture can be down right expensive! Luckily, if you know where and how to shop it doesn't have to be! That being said, here are some awesome tips, tricks, and insider secrets on how to bargain shop for new office furniture online.

When shopping online, preparation is everything! Setting a respectable budget for your office makeover  project will help keep you from over extending and straining your budget. Knowing what you need to finish your project in a timely manner and within your allotted budget is absolutely essential. To be better prepared for your online shopping experience, measure the areas you're looking to revamp. Make sure to notate all power outlets, windows, doorways, and load bearing members. Doing this will help you to save time and money as you'll be shopping for products designed for a specific purpose and intention. Nothings worse than falling in love with awesome new furniture that just won't fit. Preparing up front is the first key to success when shopping for office furniture online for the home or business.

Office Makeover ProjectOnce you're properly prepped it's time to start shopping. Most in need of new furniture begin shopping via there favorite search engine using vague terms like "office furniture". While this is certainly one way to skin the cat, being more specific and searching terms like "bargain priced office furniture" will help you to come across more wholesalers and budget friendly manufacturers. Often big businesses dominate the first page of results on search engines. These brands often have hefty overheads and therefore increased margins over mom and pop brands aiming to stay competitive with more shopper friendly prices!

In addition to search engines, those looking to get the best deal possible will find that using comparison shopping engines such as Amazon, Google Product Search, and Nextag can be extremely helpful. These shopping tools provide a large selection of products including tables and new desks for office applications that can be quickly categorized by price, brand, and several other factors to make your shopping experience more user friendly.

Discount Office Furniture ShoppingKnowing what brands to shop can also be a huge help. While big name manufacturers often offer the most cutting edge products on the market, they often phase out older lines. Needless to say, this is good news for bargain shoppers! When an older furniture line is phased out, manufacturers often clearance the remaining stock and offer excellent deals sure to help you stretch your budget. The best office furniture lines from manufacturers like Mayline, OFM, and Cherryman today, can very well be the next lines on clearance in the future. To find out about such specials it's recommended that you call your dealer of choice directly. Inquire about clearance products, overstocked items, and other specials and you just might be surprised at how much money you save.

With thousands of free coupon sites available on line it's just plain silly to skip over those boxes during checkout that read "enter coupon code here". Take a minute to search top coupon sites like and using the name of your vendor. Often first time shopper coupons are available that can help you maximize your budget.

New Reception FurnitureSo you need to purchase a dozen new chairs for a conference room application. Lucky for you, most dealers would qualify this as a bulk order and extra savings are commonly available. The bad news, is that most shoppers don't take the time to call and earn these extra savings. If you are shopping for multiple office items or looking to outfit your new business with all new furnishings, do yourself a favor and call your dealer. Ask about bulk savings on any and all of the products your'e interested in. It's definitely worth the time!

New Office ChairsThose not in a rush to purchase new furniture are definitely at an advantage. The ability to take your time when shopping will allow you to sign up for dealer newsletters and wait for awesome sales events. Most quality brands will send out a monthly deals list with specials, coupons, and offers on their products in order to earn your business. Those stuck with a strict project makeover deadline do have the ability to call and request a copy of the most recent newsletter and should definitely take advantage of this awesome savings resource.

Last but certainly not least, paying for shipping is just plain silly! There are too many manufacturers out there willing to pay the freight to earn your business. That being said, when calculating the cost of your furniture purchase, make sure to include all costs in the total to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. While one vendors price may seem lower initially, often hidden profits are added to the freight making them far more expensive in the long run. Be sure to remain patient and take your time when shopping online. Calculate all fees and compare them with at least 3 comparable brands. In the long run you'll be glad you did and you'll save a bundle by not paying shipping!
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