Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How To Create a Luxury Executive Space

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when designing a luxury executive office space. They need to reflect the mission of the business, create a professional atmosphere, showcase modernity, and accommodate the needs of both the executive and any potential guests. All these things may seem hard to accomplish, but with the tips presented in this article, you'll be designing your way right into the future with your new executive office!


Color Wheel

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when designing any interior is the importance of colors. Since most executives want to put the company first, choosing company colors is one of the easiest ways to go. Typically, colors that have already been pre-picked by professionals for a business go together nicely, so they tend to look pretty good on walls and furniture. However, the easiest route is not always the right one for the job. Some executive offices want to put professionalism and advancing technology first. For this, there's no better way to go than sleek accents. Often, no matter what colors you choose, your office can experience instant modernization with the replacement of solid colors with glass and chrome accents. These accents can be easily obtained by purchasing office desks with modern design and other contemporary styles. Colors that pair particularly well with glass and chrome for the professional look are steely blues, blacks, grays, and whites. If you really want your executive office to pop, find the main color you used to decorate the room, and add a bit of the color opposite it on the color wheel. For example, if you choose blue as a main color, accent furniture that is yellow, orange, or red will really make the room stand out!

High End Desk

High End Executive Desk

Having a high end desk is one of the best ways to give your office a professional feel. Today's executive desks are manufactured to fit all sorts environments, but it's always important your specific needs in mind when shopping large furniture like this. When searching, make sure you know the dimensions of the office space where your desk will go. As a rule of thumb, corner office desks generally make great space savers, staying up against walls to free up room for the rest of the office. On the other hand, bow front and stylish wood desks for executive use placed in the front center of the room exude professionalism and let guests know that you are there for them, to help them. The best part about choosing wood office desks is that the most contemporary ones often include the sleek chrome accents you may need to achieve that modern look!


Global Auburn High Back Executive Chair

Fortunately for designers, executive office chairs are some of the most comfortable chairs out there. These babies pull out all the stops, with tilt tension controls, leather and fabric upholsteries, and some executive chairs with ergonomics even feature heaters to relax the muscles. Just like with the desks, considering the needs of the user is very important when shopping office chairs. Choosing a chair with a heater may not be the best solution for someone that works in a warm office environment. If shopping for yourself or someone else, make a mental note of any physical pains you or that person might have. Nearly all modern chairs are designed to relieve back pain, but there are also special chairs for those with poor circulation and joint problems that don't cost any more money than the others do. Just type in what you need online and you should find a nice executive chair to lessen any physical pain you can think of!


Mayline Stella Veneer Office Furniture Set with Storage

Most executives have a lot of jobs to do at work, and so most need a lot of storage space. As always, it's important to remember what the executive you're shopping for will be doing at the office. It's best to choose extremely versatile storage furniture such as cabinets for office storage or large bookcases that can hold binders or other items if need be. Often one of the best ways to solve this problem is with a large modular desk configuration complete with storage solutions. Manufacturers of modular desks try to take all the average needs into consideration. As a result, modular desk configurations are some of the most user-friendly desks out there. They often provide generous storage space in a relatively compact package that make use of modular styling techniques which keep everything at hand's reach for easy access!


Office Accessories

Now that you've gotten all the major needs out of the way, it's time to accessorize! For executive offices, this means considering how guests play into the equation. Visitors to executive offices want to feel every bit as comfortable as the executive. To ensure this, incorporate comfortable guest chairs with leather, mesh, or fabric depending on the texture of the chair the executive is using. This helps eliminate the likelihood of furniture clashing. Another important thing to consider is the functionality of the room's tools. Proper lighting is conducive to an efficient working environment, so desk lamps may be necessary if the room's existing lighting is poor. In addition, ergonomics can drastically improve the efficiency and productivity of any office space. Things like ergonomic monitor arms for computers and adjustable footrests not only improve executive office functionality, they can also promote user health by forcing proper posture!
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