Friday, December 13, 2013

Product Reviews: Cherryman Industries Reception Desks of 2013

Cherryman Industries has become well known in recent years for the quality of their office furniture. This brand produces some of the most luxurious desks and tables for office use on the market today. Each of their stylish furniture lines has experienced tremendous success in 2013, and its no surprise as to why. The Cherryman Verde, Jade, Ruby, Emerald, and Amber collections provide some of the highest end reception furniture at prices no other brand can match. Here are some of their most popular reception desks of 2013.


Verde Modern Reception Desk VL-644R by Cherryman

This first desk comes from one of Cherryman's more popular lines. The VL-644R Reception Desk by Cherryman hails from their Verde collection, and is available in either a lovely espresso or latte finish. This stylish desk features a solid modern design that looks wonderful in reception areas with a lot of geometric angles. It looks good just about anywhere in a room, whether freestanding or flush against walls. The desk itself is impressive yet welcoming to guests in all waiting rooms, lobbies, and reception areas alike. The only thing that could ever top it in beauty or convenience is it's affordable price.


JA-124N Reception Desk by Cherryman Jade

The Cherryman Jade Collection has long been the one of the best sources for popular wood veneer casegoods. This line produces gorgeous desks, tables, and other office accessories that have all been put to good use in both home and business office environments. For anyone familiar with the durability and craftsmanship of this brand, the JA-124N Jade Reception Desk by Cherryman will definitely exceed expectations. This reception desk features a stunning glass transaction counter for a contemporary appeal that is sure to impress any guest. It is also available in the user's choice of either a cherry or mahogany finish for an affordable price.


Ruby Reception Desk RU-233N by Cherryman
Cherryman's Ruby Collection is known for being one of their more versatile collections, fitting fabulously in both homes and businesses alike. Nearly all the furniture in this collection of office desks, tables, and guest chairs features an attractive wood veneer, usually in the cherry finish that gives the Ruby collection it's name. The RU-233N Ruby Reception Desk by Cherryman is no exception to these high standards. Like all Ruby furniture, this desk features a warm cherry finish to welcome visitors to reception areas, waiting rooms, and lobbies alike. It works especially well saving space in office environments when one side is placed flush against a wall.


Emerald Reception Desk NC-122 by Cherryman

As with all the Cherryman collections, the Emerald collection boasts affordable veneer desks, workstations, and office tables with the versatility to meet the standards of any home or business office. The NC-122 Emerald Reception Desk by Cherryman certainly displays all the fine qualities that have made the rest of the Emerald collection so popular. Users and guests alike love the simple design and luxury veneer finishes this desk offers. It even features a convenient platform for transactions where guests can easily converse with receptionists and fill out papers if need be. It makes an affordably beautiful addition to any lobby or office reception area, and should never be overlooked!


AM-400N Amber Reception Desk by Cherryman

Users everywhere love the affordable style and convenience of the workstations from Cherryman's Amber line, so it came as no surprise to anyone when all furniture in this line rose in popularity. The AM-400N Reception Desk by Cherryman quickly became one of the most popular reception desks in all of Cherryman's collections this year. Guests and users alike appreciate the smooth veneer finish available in either black cheery, mahogany, cherry, or maple for diversity and freedom of choice. The sleek glass transaction top brings a modern appeal that any receptionist will appreciate. It has already made a huge impression on guests in waiting rooms and lobbies all over the nation, and will no doubt contribute the same benefits to any reception area that boasts one.
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