Friday, December 27, 2013

Trend Spotting: 5 Popular Office Interior Design Projects of 2014

As the new year rapidly approaches, several office makeover trends are becoming more evident than ever. Today's article highlights 5 of the top interior design projects for the office that are sure to be a hit in 2014. From contemporary reception areas for welcoming guests to high tech conference rooms for multi media meetings, we've spotted all the latest decor crazes for the workplace. Enjoy!

Contemporary Reception Areas

Contemporary Reception Furniture

This popular makeover started building momentum in early 2013 and hasn't shown signs of stopping. Top office furniture manufacturers are adding more and more exciting products sure to create sophisticated guest waiting spaces. A contemporary reception furniture configuration shows business ingenuity while providing a positive impression on important visitors. Look for hot new products like the Global Duet Beam Seating line and designer lounge furniture sets to be highlighting office environments near you!

The Modern Bistro

Office Bistro Area

Look for office break rooms to be transformed into modern bistro style areas in 2014. This euro coffee shop look is pulled together through the use of bar height bistro tables and designer stools often with metal accents. A stylish bistro area promotes creativity and group interaction in the workplace. Respected furniture providers like Mayline are offering awesome new products like the CA3PL Peanut Shaped Table for a totally modern look that's sure to impress. In the long run, office bistro area sounds much better and far more sophisticated than break room! This interior design project can also be taken on for a minimal cost. Most tables and stools can be purchased with bulk discounts from your dealer of choice for added savings.

Executive Office Upgrade

Executive Office Furniture with Modern Style

Most executives have realized the benefit of a great first impression. That being said, upper management officials will be regularly updating their furnishings to provide valued guests a professional, welcoming, and stylish workspace in 2014. While this has been a popular interior design project in years past, the coming year is sure to bring a variety of new products from lines like the Global Zira Series that will take this makeover to the next level. Configurations like the popular Zira 3 Executive Desk Layout offer ample storage, modular components, and a variety of laminate options to make any executive space a true standout.

Modular Training Areas

Modular Training Room Tables Configuration

While fixed leg tables will always have their place in classrooms, businesses are leaning more and more towards modular models for training room environments. As we all know space is at a premium, and the ability to transform a single area into a multi purpose space is just plain smart. Hot products like Mayline Flip N Go Tables are making training room makeover projects more popular than ever. Valued benefits such as quick reconfiguring, easy to clean spaces, and unique design capabilities are all gained through this makeover. As a side tip, adding modular storage products will help to keep your space organized while maintaining the versatility you've created through the use of flip top training tables with wheels for your space.

The High Tech Conference Room

Powered Conference Table and Modern Chairs

Last but certainly not least, conference rooms throughout the world will be getting a boost from all the new high tech products hitting the market in 2014. While conference tables with power were once thought of as incredibly modern, they are now becoming the industry standard. Businesses are looking to improve meeting efficiency though the use of data ports in table surfaces that eliminate clutter caused from wires running all over the office. Creating a contemporary conference room furniture configuration built for multi media needs doesn't stop at the table! Using modular AV carts, flat panel TV's, and integrated tablet mounts are all becoming more and more popular. As this project is certainly one of the most costly, working with a furniture specialist to discuss your specific needs will help to keep you within budget while bringing your boardroom to the cutting edge. Top lines to consider for this area include the Global Zira series and Mayline Transaction Conference Table collection.
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