Monday, January 27, 2014

5 Awesome Lounge Chairs for Office Reception

Even for those familiar with office furnishings, choosing reception furniture can be very difficult. You want your lounge furniture to reflect the theme and mission of your business, but it also has to be comfortable and practical for your guests as well. It can be hard to know what makes a good balance, but don't worry. We're here to help you out! If you're looking to furnish your welcome area, here are a few super versatile seating solutions both you and your guests will love!


Distinct Series Modern Black Lounge Chair by OFM

If you want the modern look for your office, few things say it better than chairs with sweeping curves and sharp angles. While rounder chairs emphasize fluidity and gracefulness, geometric chairs emphasize sharp professional style. Both styles of chair are excellent examples that will easily showcase the modern style of your business, and chairs like 831-BLACK Distinct Series modern lounge chair by OFM will do it without fail. This geometric chair is a study in squares, boasting positive and negative space that is sure to catch the eye of any guest that enters your workspace. The anti-microbial upholstery makes it a wonderful, healthy addition to medical offices or places where guests come and go. Capable of supporting up to 500 lbs., this chair is super supportive and durable. It makes an amazingly affordable solution to any lobby, reception area, or waiting room that wants to show off a commitment to the future.


Sirena Tablet Arm Chair by Global

Want a chair that makes sense? Well, you're in luck, because few chairs can match the 3372LCMLTM Sirena tablet arm lounge chair in practicality. Available in four stylish leather upholsteries, this chair is the perfect thing for a waiting room that functions. It is a super popular choice for offices that are tight on space because they eliminate the need for tables. Each chair comes complete with an optional tablet arm, available on either the left or right side, where guests can use laptops, write notes, set beverages, and read books or magazines. Underneath the seat, the chair even boasts a large space for storage. It is the perfect place for business owners to leave information about their business or other reading material to entertain guests. As if that weren't enough, these chairs are even offered with optional casters for mobility. As a part of the incredible Sirena collection by Global, this chair goes perfectly with other furniture from that collection to make decorating a snap. The Sirena Tablet Chair is a paragon of convenience!


Ravenna Lounge Chair by Lesro

It might be true that fabric upholstery is a bit more difficult to clean than leather, but it sure is a dream to have in cold office environments. Fabric chairs have never gone out of style, and with chairs like the Q1601GB Ravenna guest reception chair, they likely never will. One of the best things about choosing fabric over leather is that fabric chairs have loads of variety. If decorating has been a challenge in your office, chairs like this one make a great quick fix. The Ravenna chair shown here comes in Lesro's impressive array of stylish fabric options. Colors in this collection include everything from red, to crimson, to apple, cabana, amber, ask, and orchid. Some choices are even available in patterned designs to make your office reception area or lobby really pop! The legs are offered in numerous wood finished for a classic appeal or a shining steel to emphasize modernity. Lesro is known for producing high quality, versatile lounge furniture, which is just another reason why the Ravenna collection is one of the most popular guest seating lines on the market!


Santa Cruz Black Leather Lounge Chair by Mayline

In office environments where guests are a frequent occurrence, it's hard to turn a nose up at the durability of leather. In chairs like the VCCMBLK Santa Cruz Leather Lounge Chair by Mayline, a leather upholstery ensures longevity as well as professional style. Leather is associated with luxury, and that is exactly what you get with furniture from the Santa Cruz collection. Mayline is just one of those brands that doesn't know how to make anything less than excellent. Like all furniture in the Santa Cruz line, the VCCMBLK Lounge Chair looks beautiful alongside it's counterparts. Chairs, love seats, and sofas make up this collection and all are available in either white or black leather upholstery to better match decor. Some are even offered with tablet arms for user convenience! If you're looking for an elegant professional touch, you'll be hard pressed to find anything quite as stunning as a leather chair like this one for your office welcome area.


Somerset Bariatric Lounge Chair by Lesro

The classics are classic for a reason, and that reason is timelessness. Companies like Lesro that have been in the reception furniture business for years know what works and what doesn't, and in Lesro's case, the one that works is the Somerset Series. Even if the Somerset is a relatively new series, it still boasts that age old design with a few modern twists to make it stand out. This series is a favorite guest seating solution in hospital waiting rooms, libraries, schools, and other places where bulk seating is needed. Chairs like the F1801G6 Somerset Bariatric Lounge Chair by Lesro even boast health benefits, making them perfect for medical facilities. The Somerset reception furniture collection by Lesro offers sofas, and multiple chair packs for places that seat a lot of people. Numerous color choices, tear drop arms, and matching tables help to make decorating a snap. With this chair, and it's matching counterparts, your waiting room will never lack for classic style!
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