Friday, January 17, 2014

5 Groovy Office Chairs by Woodstock Marketing

If you're searching for stylish office chairs to furnish your home or commercial office with, Woodstock Marketing is definitely worth a long, good look! This brand has made a name for itself in creativity by producing office chairs inspired by the famous musicians that played at the Woodstock music festival in 1969. Their products are named after musical icons such as Jimi Hendrix and the Santana band. These groovy chairs have soared in popularity in recent years, even being featured on the sets of some popular television series. For businesses seeking chic modern furniture that's as comfortable as it is cool, here are five incredible chairs from Woodstock sure to turn a few heads!

Hendrix Brown Leather Contemporary Executive ChairFirst on our list is a chair inspired by the rock legend Jimi Hendrix. The WS-HENDRIX-HB-BR Hendrix Brown Leather Contemorary Chair by Woodstock is one of the most popular chairs the brand has to offer. Available in both a high back and mid back design, the Hendrix is the perfect chair for conferences, executive offices, tasking applications, and home office use alike. It's also available in the buyer's choice of either a white or black leather upholstery to better match existing office decor. The chair is framed by a stunning polished chrome, and even features a hand polished aluminum base for a modern touch that's sure to impress. But looks aren't the only thing this chair has to offer. With generous dimensions capable of supporting up to 250 lbs, this chair offers superior comfort, provided by it's memory foam cushions. Tilt tension control allows for customizable positioning and oversized casters promote easy mobility. It is an excellent chair that will rock your office for sure!

Joplin Modern White Leather Office Chair by Woodstock Next up, we are proud to present the WS-JOPLIN-MB-WH Joplin White Leather Office Chair by Woodstock for your office. As you may have guessed, this little beauty was inspired by singer-songwriter Janis Joplin, and is every bit as groovy as she was. This trend setting mid back chair is a gem in both home offices and conference rooms because of its small, unimposing design. It features a stylish ribbed leather look that offers just the right amount of comfort for the chair's purposes. The Joplin is also available in both black and brown leather for versatility. All versions are framed by sleek chrome to showcase the modern design in any contemporary office. For all these reasons, it is one of Woodstock's most popular chairs. One glance should be enough to see why.

Contemporary Red Leather Office Chair by WoodstockLooking for a chair that will capture attention like good music captures listeners? Then the WS-ANNIE-MB-RED Woodstock Annie Series Red Office Chair is definitely the chair for you! This eye popping chair makes excellent focal furniture in both home offices and conference rooms. The rich red leather is also available in white, black, brown, and even seafoam green to better match decor. An available high back option makes this chair great for executive use as well. Framed by a shining chrome, this chair brings contemporary style to any room it sits in. A unique diamond stitch upholstery is sure to draw eyes from all directions. The Annie is comfortable, supportive, stylish, mobile, and best of all, affordable. It's everything an office chair is meant to be!

Sweetwater Gray Mesh Conference Chair by WoodstockGreat for tasking applications, conferences, computer desks, and home offices, this next chair is one of the most comfortable chairs Woodstock has to offer. Complete with a mesh back, the WS-SWEETWATER-GRAY Woodstock Sweetwater Office Chair keeps users healthier than most. The breathable fabric prevents the build up of heat and germs, both on the user and on the chair. Generous dimensions support up to 250 lbs on high density molded foam, while an adjustable tilt lock allows users to specify their comfort as needed. The appealing gray fabric is framed by a contrasting black frame that will most definitely earn a few appraising glances. However, if the gray-black combo isn't your style, the chair is also available in a bright pink, blue, or black. For all benefits this chair brings to any office, the best is probably the affordable price. With this chair, your office can reach a whole new level of modern style. 

Baez Modern Black Mesh Office Chair by WoodstockLast but not least, we leave you with one of the coolest conference chairs out there. Inspired by Joan Baez, the WS-BAEZ-HB-BL Baez Black Mesh Office Chair by Woodstock is just as ambitious as the real woman. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular modern chairs for conference room use, home offices, and tasking applications alike. This chair is clad in a breathable mesh back and framed by hand polished chrome for amazing style. Adjustable tilt tension and generous dimensions help increase the comfort value of this chair, while oversized casters allow for smooth mobility. For shoppers looking for the ultimate in functionality, comfort, and coolness, Woodstock is the brand to go to, and the Baez chair is probably the one for you! 
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