Friday, January 24, 2014

5 Helpful Items Your Office Is Missing

Most of us love our office spaces, especially if we designed them ourselves. Being able to pick your own desk and office chair, and decking out a place to fit your style is one of the best aspects getting your very own workspace. Unfortunately, many offices lack the items many experts consider essential. Most of the time, a simple desk and chair are just not enough, and choosing the wrong ones for what you need can lead to decreased efficiency, productivity, and even health. But never fear! Here's a list of the top five helpful items your office is probably missing.

Desk Plant


You may be thinking, "Really? A desk plant?" but hear us out on this one. Many studies by reputable universities have conducted research that shows the benefits desk plants can provide in a work environment. People that keep certain plants in their office have reported more energy and clearer thinking than people who don't. Studies by the universities of Hawaii, Minnesota, Rutgers, and Penn State, and government organizations like NASA have shown that some low-maintenance greenery like peace lilies, spider plants, lemon balms, and gardenias are incredibly adept at removing harmful substances from indoor air. The plants absorb the toxins like VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and replenish your office atmosphere with fresh oxygen, which allows most people to think and breathe much easier. Keeping a desk buddy like a pot of golden pothos in your office gives your office a look of vibrance and energy in more ways than one, and all of the plants listed here require very little maintenance. We highly recommend them elderly individuals or anyone that wants to improve their overall health!

Ergonomic Monitor Arm

EDGE Adjustable Monitor Arm by ESI

 The next thing that most offices lack which can vastly improve your work experience are ergonomic monitor arms for computer use. These are arm-like devices attach to computer screens and mount to either a wall or desk. They allow users to tilt their computer screen, move it back, forward, and side to side for maximum convenience. With traditional computers, many people who have them poorly placed can often unconsciously be causing their own neck and shoulder pain. When a computer isn't directly in front of the individual, the neck works extra hard to look for it and stay an an undesirable position to stare at the screen. Over time, the neck and shoulder muscles can shift and become a bit lopsided, causing them to stiffen and generate pain. Users that rely on ergonomic monitor arms have the option of adding more than one computer screen, and they rarely experience the same pain that traditional computer users do.

Ergo Office Chair

Wing Series Microsuede Office Chair by Eurotech

If you haven't made the switch to an ergonomic office chair, your whole cubicle might as well be a cardboard box for all the efficiency you get. Ergonomic chairs are incredibly important for any modern office because they are remarkable pain relievers, and they're excellent for increasing productivity. Business owners everywhere have incorporated affordable ergonomic chairs for office desk use into their practice because of the amazing health benefits these chairs provide. Capable of high adjustability in height, armrests, and tilt tension, ergonomic chairs are super customizable. Those with waterfall seats allow increased blood flow to the legs, while adjustable arms relieve joint pain. Incredible lumbar support is a staple of almost all ergo office chairs for back pain relief. They're made with all sorts of materials, from fabric to leather, and most are incredibly affordable. Some stylish mesh chairs with ergonomic features even run for less than $100. Ergonomic chairs have been the subject of extensive study by engineers, designers, and medical specialists everywhere. If you want to revolutionize your entire office experience, an ergonomic office chair is never a bad place to start.

CPU Holder

CPU Holder by ESI

For those of us who aren't tech geniuses, a "CPU" probably sounds more like a character from Star Wars than an actual device. Still, if you've got a computer, it's a safe bet to assume you probably have one. CPUs, or Central Processing Units, are basically your computer's external hard drive (the big blinking boxy thing that your computer needs to survive). They're usually hogging up all the space either underneath or on top of an office desk. External CPUs are often bulky and difficult to handle, which is why they're such necessary banes to most offices. However, discount CPU holders for sale can solve a lot of problems you probably just assumed you'd have to deal with. These devices mount to the underside of your office desk to keep CPUs off of the ground. The reason they're on our list of the most helpful accessories for office use is because most people don't realize they need them until it's too late. Anyone that's accidentally kicked their computer's CPU or dropped a beverage to witness a flurry of sparks followed by the dreaded computer death ought to give CPU holders some consideration. These gadgets are affordable, easy to install, simple to use, ergonomic, and they save lots of desk space. The allow CPUs to be drawn out from under the desk and flipped around to attach cables and they give the space under your desk back you your legs. CPU holders: An accident preventer if there ever was one.

Keyboard Tray

Keyboard Kondo by Global

Even if you already have a keyboard in your office, you could probably stand to gain a whole lot from the last item on our list. If you have arthritis or joint pain in your wrists and hands, choosing ergonomic keyboard trays for computer use may be one of the best business decisions you make. These devices ae typically designed to mount on sliders underneath your office desk. With a keyboard set on it, they allow your computer keyboard to slide in and out of your office desk. Many of them can often tilt or adjust height to suit the needs of all users. Those with spaces for computer mice built in are the best kind, and adept at relieving joint pain. Keyboard trays with mouse pads prevent users from having to switch between the desk and the keyboard to click and type, increasing efficiency. Because they mount under desktops, keyboard trays are typically at arm's reach, and if they aren't they can usually adjust so that users hands are kept parallel with their arms, improving blood flow and reducing pain and inflammation in the joints. Like office plants, keyboard trays are excellent for the elderly. Individuals with joint problems, and those who want prevent them will never regret adding one to their office space!

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