Tuesday, January 14, 2014

6 Great Ways To Shop for Office Chairs On A Budget

Shopping for Office Chairs

When shopping for office chairs you'll be met with a slew of solutions of both high and low quality from an extensive selection of brands. Needless to say, this process can be exhausting and expensive if you don't know how to effectively shop! In today's article we'll showcase 6 simple and easy ways to help you save a bundle on your next chair purchase.

1.) Shop Online

Shopping for new office chairs online is just plain smart. You'll be quickly met with a variety of key resources, brands, and ways to sort through thousands of models to find those that will meet your specific needs.

Here's 3 great key word phrases that will return excellent results in your favorite search engines:

Discount Office Chairs
Office Chairs On Sale
Office Chair Coupons

Once you've done a basic search using the terms above, it's time to narrow down your selections. Make a list of your favorite models by bookmarking them in your browser or simply writing them down. Don't forget to note important details the model number, price, chair name, and manufacturer.

2.) Know Your Brands

Once you've done your preliminary shopping, it's time to get specific. Take the time to research the manufacturers of chairs you've found interest in. Search for reviews and top rated models from these brands. The information in these searches will definitely add confidence to your shopping experience will helping you to achieve the best value for your purchase. If you're still in search of quality brands you can use the references below or search specific terms like top selling computer chairs of best office chair manufacturers to improve your selection.

Here's 3 great office chair manufacturers you'll love:

Eurotech Seating
Global Total Office
RFM Preferred Seating

3.) Use Comparison Shopping Engines

Comparison shopping engines like Amazon, Pricegrabber, NexTag, and NewEgg are all excellent ways to shop for desk chairs on a budget. That being said, Google still rains supreme and their new product search engine is a top choice of the countries best seating providers. That being said, once you've identified a chair you love from a manufacturer you trust, using these engines effectively will help you to get great deal. Shopping resources like Google's product search will quickly allow you to sort models by price and shipping preferences while showing dealer reviews next to each listing. These valuable resources make for quick, helpful, and easy ways to save you a bundle.

Our favorite comparison engines to shop office chairs are:

Google Product Search

4.) Find Coupons and Bulk Discounts

The "it never hurts to ask" mentality definitely holds true in the world of office seating. While most breeze through the checkout process, those who stop to search for additional discounts are the big winners. Coupons and bulk discounts are both great ways to extend your budget. If you're shopping for multiple chairs for your business, take the time to inquire with your dealer about bulk savings. If there's a box for promo codes or coupon codes during the checkout process, the odds are there's coupons available to earn your business.

The top 3 office chair coupon sites are:


5.) Don't Pay for Shipping

Paying for shipping online is just plain silly! There are too many retailers willing to absorb the cost that finding this value is typically quite simple. In the long run, obtaining additional discounts like free shipping could take some time, but the value achieved is well worth it! By signing up for dealer newsletters, using comparison engines, and calling to inquire about current promotions you'll be met with a wide selection of products that are bargain priced to add value and also include free shipping.

6.) Bundling

While this method won't apply to all shoppers, those looking to makeover their office will definitely want to inquire about bundling. If in addition to your new chair, you're also shopping for office desks, tables, and other furniture, purchasing all your products from one dealer is a great way to bundle and save. This method involves calling your dealer with a list of items you're interested in to ask about additional savings. While bulk refers to multiples of a single item, bundling refers to purchasing several products as one package for added savings. If you're shopping for multiple products, take the time to make a quick call. You might just be surprised at how much you can save!
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