Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Brand Showcase: Top Home Office Desk Sets by Mayline

When a company like Mayline leads the market in high quality affordable office desks, why would you furnish a room with anything else? Mayline is extremely well known for their many lines of incredible wood desks, reception stations, and conference tables. Businesses everywhere have trusted this brand to produce the furniture they need to get things done, but Mayline furniture works great in home environments too. Whether you're thinking of starting a business, working at home, or just another interior design project for your office, Mayline is definitely the place to start looking if you want the latest in cool, high caliber home office furniture sets!

Mayline e5 Office Desk Typical
If you're looking for a stylish, convenient addition to your home office, look no further than this beauty. The MA-E55 e5 Office Typical by Mayline is the perfect thing for either a home or commercial executive office, which may be why it's been so popular in recent years. This furniture set includes everything a person needs to get work done in a flash. A modular design ensures that users never have to reach too far for anything, keeping them in the seat and on task. Yet somehow, the desk set manages to keep everything close without feeling claustrophobic. It is super easy to power, install, specify, and reconfigure should you ever decide to change your furniture layout. And best of all, it's super affordable. The e5 Typical is an absolute winner for anyone looking to spice up their home office without eating up all their spare space!

Stella Modular Desk Configuration SK17 by Mayline
Next up, we give you the perfect addition to the classic home. The MA-SK17 Stella Modular Desk by Mayline brings luxury style and comfort to any home without breaking your bank. This furniture set hails from Mayline's Stella collection, one of their most popular furniture lines. Just like all furniture in the Stella collection, this desk set offers a sublime blend of traditional charm and modern utility that makes it ideal for home office environments. Of course, all of Mayline's furniture is extremely versatile and this set is no stranger to executive offices, conference rooms, and reception areas either. Produced with AA grade birch hardwood veneers and available in a gorgeous toffee finish, the Stella Modular Desk is great for the home office owner that juggles everything and still manages to look fresh as a daisy!

Luminary Home Table Desk Typical by Mayline
Tight on space? Check out the MA-LUM12 Luminary Home Table Desk by Mayline for your home or office. This simple table desk is wonderful in small offices in apartments and bedrooms because it doesn't take up a lot of space. When given a commanding view of a room, this desk also serves well for receptionists too, because it makes a great focal point to design around. This set includes a simple table desk and stylish 4-door credenza for excellent storage. It is available in a rich cherry or light maple veneer finish and is produced from AA-grade North American hardwood. With a simple desk chair, the Mayline Luminary Home Table Desk Set becomes a shining example of stylish wood executive desks for home use, and remains one of the prettiest affordable home office furniture options on the market today.

Napoli Modular Executive Desk by Mayline
Looking for something a little more snazzy? Take a gander at the MA-NT31CRY Mayline Napoli Modular Office Desk for home use! Clearly, the Napoli is a winner in looks alone, but it doesn't want for functionality either. This baby has it all: a hutch, credenza, center drawer, trays, and a subtle curving design that's sure to impress. With a modular design, users shouldn't have to stand up for much because the desk is designed to keep everything at arm's reach. In addition, it is very easy to power, making it ideal for commercial use as well. All veneer surfaces are glazed with a high tech catalyzed laquer, and it comes in a stunning sierra cherry finish that will turn any home office into paragon of contemporary class. The NT31 is one of Mayline's top sellers for a reason. One glance at this beautiful desk should be enough to tell you why.

Brighton Executive Office Desk Typical BT23 by Mayline
And finally, we leave you with the MA-BT23 Mayline Brighton Executive Desk Typical, the ultimate in classic home office sets. This desk set is perfect for today's home office. Its fashionable design is a gem of beautiful wood veneer formed into subtle curves that hints at both the classic and the contemporary with one glance. It is the perfect size for the average home office, not taking up too much space, but not cowering in the corner either. As a member of the Brighton collection, this desk set is also one of the most affordable furniture configurations offered by Mayline. With this desk (and a chair to match of course) you can take care of all your home office needs without breaking your budget, and believe us, your eyes and your piggy bank will thank you!
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