Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cool New Office Products With Retro Style

Some say the styles of the past will never come back, and with things like 80s vests and 90s hairstyles, we certainly hope that's true. But one thing's for sure about 2014: Retro is in! The olden days brought about some of the coolest looks with curvy, sleek, colorful furniture. Believe it or not, some movie prop designers for sci-fi flicks actually look to the retro eras between the 40s to the 80s for inspiration when designing spaceship sets and other futuristic gadgets, and with all the out-of-this-world, dystopian era movies coming out, it's no wonder the retro look has come out swinging! Whether you want your house to look like a sock hop or the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, here's some cool retro furniture to get you started!

Endure Stool

Endure Series Retro Stool by OFM

Stools are excellent for all sorts of purposes, but if you want the metallic look, there's no better option than the 920-MPL Endure Series Retro Stool by OFM for your place. This stool works in diners, art studios, workshops, offices, and just about anywhere else you can imagine. The Endure is the perfect combo of old-school style and futuristic technology. It's cool retro look is captured by the industrial gauge wrought metal frame with a gorgeous maple seat. Rubber foot grips, a 250 lb weight capacity, and a 360 degree spindle seat height adjustment allow this stool to blend seamlessly into the modern age. Also available in a dark metal, and two size options, this stool also exhibits amazing versatility. Built as tough as it is, it's no wonder they call it the "Endure," and endure it certainly does!

Santana Coffee Table

Santana Series Glass Coffee Table by Woodstock

If you want the retro vibe in your home or office, nothing says it better than furniture by this stylish brand. Woodstock Marketing is a brand that truly lives in the glory days! All their cool office chairs and furniture products are inspired by famous rock musicians and bands like Hendrix, Baez, and Sweetwater that played at the Woodstock concert in '69. As you may have guessed, the SANTANA-CT2102A Santana Series Glass Coffee Table by Woodstock was inspired by the band Santana, and boy, does it work the angle! This table is rock-era style incarnated with its wrought metal base and sleek glass top. All the shining curves make this table perfect for vintage decor or futuristic design in both homes and offices alike. Available in two sizes, it looks excellent in retro reception areas, lobbies, and living rooms beside the matching Santana end table also made by Woodstock. If you're looking for a cool table that's just outta sight, the Santana can certainly jam!

Flash Furniture

Mid Back Swivel and White Leather Chair by Flash Furniture

The great things about Flash Furniture are their variety and their affordable prices. This brand has so much far-out retro style that it's hard to keep up - literally! Flash Furniture goes through products like they're going out of style, which is ironic, because they really aren't. Chairs like the CH-CX0217M-GG Mid Back Leather Swivel Chair by Flash Furniture have a perfectly blended look that encapsulates both the future and the past with ease. It could fit just as well in a '40s government office as it could on a  spaceship from 2121! The stylish retro stools by Flash Furniture are the same way, offering far-out vintage style without the vintage prices. This brand has made a name for itself producing some of the most excellent home and office furniture products at prices no other brand can match, and with deals like these, Flash won't be going anywhere anytime soon!

Mayline Desk

Mayline Eastwinds Arch Computer Desk

Looking for something hi tech? How about the 971 Eastwinds Arch Computer Desk by Mayline for your office? This retro desk looks like something right out of Back to the Future with it's curvy chrome arms and stunning design. It's every bit as modern as you could imagine, but it creates a great retro atmosphere that is sure to turn a few heads. It's compact design is the perfect thing for small offices, bedrooms, college dorms, and apartments. In places of high activity, it out-performs even the most ardent competitors. Doctors, librarians, and teachers alike love the mobility of this desk, and the shelf below can carry hard drives, books, cables, or even printers for your convenience! It's a great all in one mini desk that's perfect for PC or laptops. At just a little over a hundred dollars, the best part of this great retro desk is it's affordability. With this baby, you don't even need a flux capacitor to go back in time!

OFM Retro Table Set

OFM 1006W Retro Bench Seating Configuration
Looking to deck out your dining area? Look no further than the 1006W OFM Retro Bench Seating Configuration to round out your retro look! This stylish dining set works it all in one, with two stylish vintage benches framing a stunning shiny table. OFM's classic style is achieved by using modern materials, such as adjustable foot glides, powder-coated paint, and plywood seats covered in a durable laminate. With benches available in either a smooth black, out-of-this-world blue, or retro red finish, these table configurations go great in homes, cafes, break rooms, diners, and cafeterias alike. It's versatility knows no bounds, and it's classically bold look is ageless, which, come to think of it, may be one of the biggest reasons retro tables like this one are never a thing of the past!
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