Thursday, January 2, 2014

How To Makeover Your Office Waiting Room

Waiting Room Furniture

An excellent first impression is priceless in business. That being said a professional waiting room area to welcome guests is a must. In today's article we'll highlight the 5 simple steps you'll need to follow in order to design your space to perfection. From space planning to installation, the strategies and tips found here will make your project a breeze!

Step 1: Space Planning

This first important step in any office makeover project is space planning. To achieve an effective layout you'll first need to measure your waiting area. During this process make sure to notate power outlets, windows, entry ways, and any load bearing members. Once your space has been effectively measured, determine the number of guests you're hoping to accommodate. This will help you and your furniture provider to determine a layout that will work best for your specific needs.

Step 2: Select Your Seating Style

Once you've effectively measured your space, it's time to determine the seating style that will work best for your business needs and budget. Contemporary themed waiting areas commonly use beam style seating from popular brands like Global Total Office and OFM as this look is quite popular and affordable. Traditionally minded businesses looking to create an at home feel will benefit greatly from wood guest chairs and accent furniture. Healthcare environments will often use plastic and vinyl seating that's easy to clean and maintain. No matter the style you choose, keep your customer base in mind. Working with an interior design team is always a nice option if your budget permits.

Step 3: Choose Accent Furniture

Once you've chosen your seating, it's time to accent your products for optimal efficiency. Often coffee and end table sets will be available from the same manufacturer as your seating as a recommended pairing. Materials like glass, wood, and metal are the common and provide a nice compliment that doesn't over power a space. In addition to tables for waiting room applications, wall art, decorative plants, and area rugs all help to bring your decor to life.

Step 4: Prepare for Delivery

Rest assured, nothing is worse than having your new furniture and seating arrive when you aren't properly prepared. To avoid this common problem, work with your dealer or interior design team closely. Determine an estimated ship date for your products and mark the date on your calender. Once your products ship you'll have approximately 3 to 7 business days to begin prepping depending on the quantity of products needed for your makeover. Order tracking information is typically available upon request from most reputable vendors once items ship out. To prep, remove old furniture and create a staging area to keep your new products out of the way during the installation process. This will ensure a smooth transition that doesn't become overly cluttered.

Step 5: Installation

Once your items arrive you'll be ready for install. One nice thing about new waiting room furniture is that most of the top rated products ship fully or partially assembled. Items like sofas and lounge chairs make for a quick install process that's relatively hassle free. Items like individual guest chairs, beam seating, and tables may require basic tools and should be planned for accordingly. A basic power drill, wrenches, and screwdriver are definitely recommended. In several cases basis hand tools are actually included by the manufacturer but it's still best to plan ahead. A factor that's commonly forgotten about when installing furniture is the debris. Large items mean large boxes and an abundance of packing materials. Make sure you are prepared for a bit of clean up and have room in your businesses trash area to handle the amount of materials from your project.

With the 5 basic steps listed above you should be ready to take on your waiting room makeover. As previously mentioned, working with interior design teams and office furniture professionals will help to further prepare you for the project at hand. Remember, it's far better to be over prepared than under! Make sure to set a project time frame, shop online for value priced products, and have fun! The best projects are those that show personality and business ingenuity.

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