Friday, January 31, 2014

Product Showcase: Fellowes Paper Shredders

Fellowes Office Products

Fellowes is an industry leading manufacturer of professional paper shredders and office products designed for improved workplace efficiency. In today's article we'll highlight 5 of Fellowes' top rated document shredders for both home and business use. These affordable products are built to last and provide excellent security against identity theft while ridding users of pesky junk mail. Enjoy!

PS-12Cs Fellowes Paper Shredder

First up, the PS-12Cs Cross Cut Paper Shredder 3271301 for your small office needs. Priced at $139.99 this a product you don't want to pass up. The PS-12Cs shredder features a 4 gallon waste bin and is capable of taking on 12 sheets per pass. This little monster may be small, but it won't let you down when it's time to get the job done! Outfitted with fellowes' SafeSense technology, the PS-12Cs stops shredding when a hand touches the paper opening for added safety.

HD-10Cs Powershred Paper Shredder by FellowesUp next is the Fellowes HD-10Cs Powershred Paper Shredder with see through bin. At an everyday low price of $133.99 this little product is great for both home and business needs. Ready to take on 10 sheets per pass, the HD-10Cs will leave your junk mail begging for mercy. As an added bonus, Fellowes has taken the time to add unique style touches to this product making in excellent accent to any modern workspace. Overall, the HD-10Cs looks great and means business!

Fellowes 225Ci Paper ShredderWhen it comes to professional paper shredders for sale, nobody beats the products manufactured by Fellowes. This world renowned brand sets the bar in terms of quality and style! Items like the Powershred Paper Shredder 225Ci are a great example of why. This 3825001 model boasts a 100% jam proof system designed by Fellowes to power through those tough and extensive jobs. The 225Ci also features Fellowes' patented SilentShred technology that offers ultra-quiet performance for shared work spaces. The 20 sheet per pass capability and 16 gallon bin make this shredder an excellent option for up to 5 users.

Powershred DS-3 Paper ShredderFourth on our product showcase list is the small but powerful DS-3 Powershred Document Shredder by Fellowes. At only $123.99 this is one of the most affordable products on the market that provides quality shredding you can rely on. The DS-3 offers a 5 gallon bin and tackles 10 sheets per swipe. The cross cut style incorporated in this product leaves documents in particles for even more personal security. Looking for more? No problem! The DS-3 document shredder will actually shred for up to 5 minutes before a 20 minute cool down period is needed. Like we said, a quality product you can rely on in the workplace that won't break your budget. Needless to say, the DS-3 is an Office Furniture Deals Blog favorite.

Fellowes Cross Cut Paper Shredder 125CiLast but certainly not least, the 125Ci Fellowes Cross Cut Paper Shredder is an excellent option for up to 5 users in the workplace. This 3312501 model features Fellowes' patented jam proof system that assures quality shredding without the constant headache of repeated problems from other products on the market. This high quality unit handles 18 sheets per pass creating 5/32” x 1-1/2” cross-cut particles at a P-4 security level. The energy saving system provides optimal energy efficiency 100% of the time when in use and out of use. Both the SilentShred and SafeSense technologies developed by Fellowes have been integrated in to this professional grade document shredder. Rest assured, you'll be faced with a tough challenge searching for a better product at even twice the price!
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