Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Product Showcase: Professional Conference Tables by OFM

If you've ever outfitted an office before, chances are you've probably heard of OFM. This furniture manufacturer is legendary for their versatility of products, and has made a great name for itself with just that! This brand offers everything from chairs, to guest furniture, to tables, and even storage for office use. But OFM's versatility isn't the only thing they're known for. This brand would never have gotten as popular as it is today if it didn't produce top notch products, and few things showcase that talent better than their top notch conference tables! Here's five that are sure to rock your office!

Large Mesh Base Modern Conference Table by OFM
If you've got a large conference room in your office, what better way to fill up the space than with a large conference table? The T4896MB Modern Conference Table by OFM is certainly the table for the job. This big conference table boasts the ability to generously seat eight people, making it ideal for places with a lot of square footage. The racetrack design leaves plenty of elbow room for everybody, so no one's tempted to take those tense business conversations to the next level. The T-molded edge is designed to save the table from damage caused by chairs or transit, and it is incredibly easy to assemble. Best of all, this head-turning table is offered at a price so affordable it's almost unfair to the competition. If you're searching for a big table to make a big impression at your next business meeting, this one will definitely succeed!
Small Racetrack Conference Table by OFM
Seeing as how we've already got a large table in the lineup, how about something from the other end of the spectrum? For those who can't accommodate a large conference table like the one mentioned above, the T3672RT Small Racetrack Conference Table by OFM is a great way to even things out. Sometimes bigger is not always better, and for those powerful small businesses run by tight knit teams, this is the conference table to gather around. The Small Racetrack Table is designed to comfortably seat six people. It boasts a high pressure laminate surface with a T-molded banding to prevent wear and tear. A honeycomb construction makes this table lightweight and easy to assemble, and it comes with an affordable price tag that puts other conference tables to shame.

Metal Contemporary Laminate Conference Table by OFM
There was big, there was small, and then there was just right for Goldilocks, and the same is true here! Well technically, all these tables are just right depending on what you need, and for those caught right in between, a medium sized table is likely the best fit! If you're conference room is of average size, take a gander at the T3672MB Metal Contemporary Conference Table by OFM for your workplace. This table has enough room for six people, and makes a great addition to any conference area or break room. It boasts a high pressure laminate top, available in three stylish finishes to better match decor. It's scratch resistant, easy to assemble, and as always, affordable. The designers at OFM have outdone themselves with this one!

OFM Metal Conference Table
Stepping into the modern age isn't always easy, but if this next table is your first step, rest assured you're stepping in the right direction. The 55118 OFM Metal Conference Table is one of OFM's best. Complete with a stylish thermofused melamine finished top colored in a smokey graphite gray, your conference room will be dressed for success after a quick and easy assembly. No tools required! The tabletop arrives in three pieces and relies on a "quick connect" construction to make things easier on the buyer. A metallic modern design is ideal for any business that wants to showcase its transcendence into the future. Self edge banding around the table's edge provides the protection to keep this table looking new after years of use. If the table somehow doesn't win your heart, the price definitely will! 

OFM Modern Glass Conference Table
We leave you with the ultimate in modern conference tables to round out our list. For offices that are searching for the best of efficiency, style, and sleek contemporary design, it doesn't get much better than the GT3977 OFM Modern Glass Conference Table for your workplace. This table certainly has an air of professionalism about it, which is probably what makes it one of the most popular modern conference tables for sale on the market today! With a stainless steel base crowned by a tempered glass top, it doesn't get much more modern than this. Achieving the perfect balance of simplicity and elegance, this table will certainly win loads of compliments from anyone that sees it!
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