Friday, February 28, 2014

5 Tables Every Modern Office Needs

When people think of offices, usually the first thing that pops into their minds are desks. Desks are amazingly important in work environments because they provide users with a place to get things done. However, one thing many new interior designers and business owners overlook when performing an office makeover is the need for tables. Unlike desks, tables can be extremely versatile. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and each is meant for a specific purpose. If you're thinking of redoing an office space, this is one article you won't want to miss!

Meeting Tables

Modular Conference Table by OFM

Perhaps one of the most important events that can occur in an office is a meeting. Meetings between employees and executives promote the business. That's why keeping stylish office tables for conference and meeting use around is so important. However, knowing the table to get can be a challenge. Thankfully, manufacturers have figured out that different businesses have different needs, and they have designed their tables accordingly. For example, modular tables for office conference use focus on a highly adjustable design that easily accommodates varying amounts of people. They are perfect for co-worker meetings as well as productive conferences. On the other hand, large conference tables tend to focus more on impression than practicality, which makes them good for high-stakes conferences with corporate guests.

Break Room Tables

Alba Round Laminate Table by Global

Everyone needs a little down time. Working is an honorable thing, but trudging on through the day with no stops and no lunch breaks can be damaging to the body and mind. In order to promote a healthy work environment, break room tables are a must. They provide employees with a safe, sanitary surface to lunch on that is often regularly cleaned by janitorial staff. This way, employees aren't tempted to eat at the desk, leaving crumbs to get stuck in keyboard trays for office computer use to attract pests. In addition, many affordable break room tables for sale today boast incredible style that's sure to improve the image of any workplace.

Training Tables

Mayline Sync Training Table

Because of the success of businesses like Google, training rooms are sweeping the nation. Everywhere, up-and-coming businesses are hoping that bright, new employees will give them an edge in the market, so affordable training tables for office use are in high demand. The good thing about these tables is that they are highly versatile. Many of them are equipped with wheels and nesting capabilities for mobility and easy storage. They are a dream for sanitation staff because they are incredibly easy to clean around. But the best part is, training tables make excellent educational tools. In business environments, they have been known to improve efficiency and productivity when used to their fullest!

Lounge Tables

Global Citi Coffee Table

Never underestimate the power of the lounge table. They may seem useless at first glance, especially in an office environment, but we assure you that idea is entirely false. End tables and trendy coffee tables for home and business use are always needed for guest purposes. Anytime a place houses visitors, it's important that they feel at home, so in waiting areas, guests need a place to set magazines, laptops, and refreshments. Whether you've got a reception area, lobby, or waiting room, always be sure to include a few lounge tables in with the chairs.

Event Tables

Mayline Folding Event Table

And finally, we leave you with the tables everyone looks forward to. Whenever folding tables for office event use are brought out of the closets, it usually means some kind of office party is in order. Whether it's a birthday, a fundraiser, or the end-of-the-year Christmas potluck, you can bet things are going to be fun. All offices have need of event tables at some time or another, so it's important to keep them in stock. The best part about event tables is that they're versatile. Many come in round or rectangular designs for simplicity, and almost all of them feature low prices for buyer convenience.
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