Monday, February 17, 2014

Best Drafting Tables for Aspiring Artists

Do you know an aspiring artist? Maybe you want to experiment with art yourself? Then you've come to the right place. In today's blog post, we'll deal with tables that are the best for novice artists and even those who have been around the paint cans a few times. Whether you use pencils, paintbrushes, rulers, or even light to create your artwork, you can rest assured that there are drafting tables out there for you. Here's five of the best for anyone ready to pursue their creative side!

Ultima Fold A Way Table by Studio Designs
First up, we give you the 19652 Ultima Fold-A-Way Table by Studio Designs for your artistic needs. This table is ideal for younger artists, those trapped in cramped dorm rooms, or anyone that prefers to dabble a bit on the weekends. The reason why is because this table is designed to fold away when not in use, so it's perfect for anyone that does not devote tons of time to artistic pursuits. For those stuck in dorms or bedrooms, it can easily hide in the closet or under the bed when the user has no need of it. Ideal for anyone in art school, this table features a tilt angle of up to thirty degrees. It also boasts a tray to hold pens, pencils, and other artsy materials. For only a bit over a hundred dollars, it's no wonder this affordable table is called the "ultima."

Mayline Ranger Split Top Drafting Table
This next table is perfect for the versatile artist. The 7772A Ranger Split Top Drafting Table by Mayline boasts two tables in one. It makes a great gift for graphic designers, computer artists, and drafters because the side table provides the opportunity for a computer or small television where users have easy access. The larger art table is capable of tilting up to fifty degrees from a horizontal position and the setup even includes a tool drawer for convenience. Users can do art there while they watch television or reference their computer for schematics or inspiration.  The Ranger is the ideal table for multitaskers and tech lovers that harbor interests in art or drafting.
Pro Craft Station by Studio Designs
For the kings and queens of crafting, we give you the 13245 Pro Craft Station by Studio Designs for all your artsy needs. This table makes a super gift for scrapbookers, paper cutters, bedazzlers, and glitz gurus. The Pro Craft Station features plenty of storage space in the form of drawers and side trays for accessories like glue, scissors, and rulers. A slide up pencil ledge keeps drawing utensils from going AWOL and a padded footrest allows artists to rest their feet while they create. As if that weren't enough, the table even features wheels for mobility and an affordable price to make competitors cringe. If you are an avid crafter, the Pro Craft Station is never a bad addition to your creative arsenal.

Cascade Magenetic Table by Studio Designs
For more serious artists, never say no to the 410608 Cascade Magnetic Table by Studio Designs if you can. This table is perfect for drafters and artists that spend a lot of time working with paper. Anyone that has spent a modicum of time drawing will easily tell you that one of the most annoying things about the activity is trying to keep the paper still. Fortunately, the Cascade features a magnetic top with four magnets included to relieve this very problem. The table features four removable art trays for pens and pencils, and two storage bays for books, instruction manuals, paper, or magazines. With a tempered safety glass tabletop that can adjust thirty degrees, the Cascade is a steal at its affordable price!

Catalina Split Top LS Work Center
And finally, we leave you with the 10080 Catalina Split Top LS Workcenter by Studio Designs for the well rounded artist. This table is excellent for those that don't mind working where they play. The Catalina Split Top makes the perfect gift for drafters and artists that need lots of workspace. One side of the table tilts upward for artwork while the other side can be left flat for computers or to double as a desk. The result is an affordably priced table with incredible versatility that can be lit from beneath for tracing or drafting purposes. It is on of the most popular commercial office tables for drafting purposes on the market for a reason and should never be passed up!
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