Thursday, February 6, 2014

Best Selling Office Chair Styles of 2014

Looking to purchase a new office chair in 2014? If so, you don't want to miss today's post showcasing the most popular office chair styles trending in 2014. From the latest ergonomic designs to the most cutting edge modern office chairs, the products available this year are sure to inspire your workplace creativity while keeping you operating at the highest levels of productivity. Enjoy!


Eurotech Chakra Chair

It's no secret that ergonomic products rule the business world. In 2014, this booming trend is sure to be improved upon with cutting edge office chairs from brands like Global Total Office, RFM, and Eurotech Seating. These popular seating manufacturers pride themselves on excellence in the workplace through efficiency improving designs that set regularly raise the industry bar. Their top chairs available this year include models like the Chakra ergonomic office chair with super cool design. Products like this focus on the body's power centers for superior comfort. Look for more hot models to be popping up in the coming months!

Synthetic Leather

Offices To Go Executive Chair
The best leather office chairs for sale in 2014 include models from brands like Mayline, Flash Furniture, and Offices To Go. When you hear the word leather, hefty price tags suddenly start appearing! Luckily, the brands mentioned above specialize in synthetic leather products that won't break your budget. Rest assured you won't be dealing with a low quality seating solution. Products like the 11780B Offices To Go Executive Office Chair feature a luxhide upholstery that boast a supple and soft feel nearly indistinguishable from genuine leather. The synthetic trend has provided consumers with the ability to purchase high quality chairs with the look and feel of top notch leather at a fraction of the cost. Upper management and business executives may still choose to go with high end leather upholstery, but they simply don't have to!


Hendrix Series Executive Chair

The retro look is in! Blast from the past office chairs like the High Back Hendrix Chair by Woodstock Marketing are selling like hot cakes. The contemporary features like a polished frame and unique back design make this product a real winner in the workplace. Retro style seating offers an extra element of wow factor that's sure to earn your space a wide range of compliments on a daily basis. Manufacturers have taken note of this movement and have begun incorporating a much more extensive selection of retro infused products to compliment their seating solutions. Stay tuned for more retro chairs from key brands sure to highlight your workspace.


High Back Wau Chair by Eurotech

Affordable, stylish, and comfortable! Mesh back office chairs are a great way to incorporate modern style and superior functionality into any professional work environment. The best selling mesh back office chairs available in 2014 are more durable and reliable than ever. Products like the Eurotech Wau High Back Chair feature a wide range of adjustment capabilities including back angle, arms, seat height, and much more. While this chair has been on the market for a bit, at a price of only $394.99 it's no wonder why it's maintained it's status as a top seller! Other models like the G20 and Arti series office chairs from Global Total Office are also great options for those looking to stay on the forefront of seating innovation. With the high end materials and ground breaking ergonomic technologies utilized in these chairs, you simply can't go wrong.


Aspen Series Office Chair by Global

It seems consumers are always shopping for the next big thing. If this is the case for you, a new modern office chair will be a must in 2014. While modern chairs pull features from many of the styles mentioned above, the designs being used this year are out of this world. It's not all about looks though. The best modern chairs available also make use of the cutting edge ergonomic features available for improved workplace support. Products like the 2850LM-3 Global Aspen Chair offer the perfect combination of modern design influences and top quality features sure to help you  make the most of any work day. Other key brands to shop that specialize in modern designs include Eurotech, Ergo Contract Furniture, and OFM.
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