Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chair Reviews: Best Office Chairs for Computer Users

Here in the modern age, most of us are familiar with computers. From the urban jungle to the open range, chances are, there's a computer someplace close by, be it in a skyscraper or back at the homestead. While computers have brought communication and efficiency to much of the world however, they have also brought health problems. Whether we like it or not, neck pain, back problems, and achey joints are all traceable to a life in front of a computer screen. Humans weren't made to sit in a chair all day. Unfortunately, social protocol has dictated that we will. Thankfully though, there's ways to make the pain go away. Here's the top five office chairs to relieve pain for computer users!

For anyone that follows news of the office furniture world, this chair is nothing new. The 6671-2 Arti Series Synchro Tilt Office Chair by Global has been getting a lot of press recently, and for good reasons. This chair has recently been heralded as one of the most high tech chairs for computer users out today. It boasts an articulating back designed to mimic the human spine for automatic comfort, while a mesh upholstery allows cooling air flow to reach the occupant. Internal steel cables and springs combine for maximum strength and flexibility. Color not your style? No worries! The Arti is available in numerous style options to better match office decor. Designed by the world renowned Zooey Chu, it's also 95% recyclable!

This lime green beauty is designed by a brand that's actually much better known for producing top quality desks rather than chairs. The C1CU Commute Office Chair by Mayline is one of the newer additions to the office furniture industry, and just like their desks, it doesn't lack for professional design. One of the reasons the Commute makes such a great computer chair is because of its versatility. This chair fits comfortably into a cubicle, office desk, tasking application, or even a home office. It boasts a mesh back and tilters for comfort, color choices for style, and an adjustable seat slider to fit both the small and the tall.

Speaking of comfort, the Ergohuman collection by Eurotech is never a bad solution if relaxation's what you're aiming for. In fact, chairs like the LE9ERG Ergohuman Leather Office Chair by Eurotech are some of the best ergonomic office chairs for computing around. Ergohuman chairs are available in both leather and mesh upholsteries with optional headrests. True to Eurotech's mission, this chair features the perfect blend of form and function. It offers tons of ergonomic tilters and controls to help ensure the occupant remains comfortable and relaxed throughout a long work day. It makes a perfect command chair for office workers and avid gamers alike!

For yoga fans and zen enthusiasts, nothing is better for a long day in front of a computer than a chair that lets you be yourself. Studies have shown that short breaks for exercise every hour or so can drastically improve the health of employees that spend their days in an office. Chairs like the CHAKRA-WHITE-GREY Chakra Chair by Eurotech allow users the best opportunity to "deskercise!"With cushions designed to support the body's power centers, the Chakra chair relies on it's zoomorphic structure to provide users with a light and airy seating experience. Even if it does look a bit strange, the Chakra makes the perfect companion for users that like to take short yoga breaks at the computer desk, (and even for those who don't). It's available in five color choices for maximum versatility. As they say, don't judge a book by it's cover!

And last, but certainly not least, we leave you with the ORO300-BLACK Ergonomic Designer Chair by OFM for your office. This classy chair fits exquisitely into homes and executive offices alike. It boasts designer-level luxury, and even includes a tablet for convenience. With a Greenguard Certification, buyers can rest assured their purchase is guilt free and sustainably produced. It's also available in a white upholstery to better match different office decors. Complete with full body support, the ORO chair is a favorite of computer users everywhere.
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